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Varijig Clamp Guide Accessories

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  1. Trend VJS/CG/AGS VJS/CG adjustable guide stop
    £13.18 Excl. VAT £15.82 Incl. VAT

    Extrusion length=230mm  Extrusion width=54mm  Extrusion height=15.8mm  Bridge height with knobs=44mm  Bridge travel=176mm  Min set length=34mm  Max set length=210mm
  2. Trend VJS/CG/WJK VJS/CG wide jaw kit
    £6.58 Excl. VAT £7.90 Incl. VAT

    Width=104 mm  Thickness=31.5 mm  
  3. Trend VJS/CG/SSC VJS/CG side to side clips (6pk)
    £12.79 Excl. VAT £15.35 Incl. VAT

    Out of stock

    6 x Clips  Size=35 mm x 16 mm x 22 mm
  4. Trend VJS/CG/EXT VJS/CG handle lever extension
    £5.56 Excl. VAT £6.67 Incl. VAT

    Length=180 mm  Width=27 mm  Thickess=9 mm
  5. Trend VJS/CG/ESB VJS/CG end stop block
    £9.11 Excl. VAT £10.93 Incl. VAT

    Length=127 mm  Width=51 mm  Thickness=20 mm
  6. Trend VJS/CG/FB VJS/CG feather board
    £9.62 Excl. VAT £11.54 Incl. VAT

    Length=193 mm  Thickness=12 mm  Depth=81 mm
  7. Trend VJS/CG/SQA VJS/CG squaring attachment
    £9.62 Excl. VAT £11.54 Incl. VAT

    Width=177 mm  Thickness=12.7 mm  Accuracy=0.3 deg
  8. Trend VJS/CG/SBP VJS/CG saw base plate
    £19.24 Excl. VAT £23.09 Incl. VAT

    Plate length=240 mm  Plate width=177 mm  Plate thickness=6 mm
  9. Trend VJS/CG/RBP VJS/CG router base plate
    £19.24 Excl. VAT £23.09 Incl. VAT

    Plate length=228 mm  Plate width=229 mm  Plate thickness=6 mm
  10. Trend VJS/CG/BBC VJS/CG back to back clips (8pcs)
    £10.14 Excl. VAT £12.17 Incl. VAT

    8 x Clips

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10 Item(s)

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