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Jointing router cutters

The following pages cover router cutters used to produce joints

Joints are a vital part of woodworking. Router cutters are ideal for producing accurately cut parts for making perfect joints. 

The types of router cutter available for producing joints includes dovetail router cutters for dovetail joints, drawer lock router cutters for drawer lock joints, butterfly spleen router cutters that work with dovetail cutters to produce butterfly spleen joints, finger jointing router cutters for finger joints, comb jointing router cutters for comb joints, mitre corner router cutters for lapped mitre corners, offset tongue and groove router cutters for offset tongue and groove joints, knuckle joint router cutters for knuckle joints,  linenfold router cutters for linenfold jointing, staff bead jointers and staff bead cutters fro hinge joints, sunk bead jointers and hand hole staff bead cutters for curved edge joints, and mitre lock router cutters for mitre lock joints. 



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