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Straight router bits


Straight router cutters have straight bodies and one or two flutes, they may also have three or four flutes. They are probably the most common type of router cutter and are designed to produce flat-bottomed grooves for a wide range of applications. they're commonly used for things like Trimming and cutting straight edges - After your material has been roughly cut to size with a circular saw or another tool, a straight router cutter can be used to trim, straighten, or simply tidy up a rough edge, and Producing rebates  - Rebates are used in a wide variety of applications; one example is in the construction of lap joints.


Trend have a particularly extensive range of straight router bits, for a variety of needs. Trend's Professional TCT range, Trade range, CraftPro range, and their Replaceable tip range, all have large selections of straight cutters to choose from. You will also find that the Professional HSS range also has a selection of straight single flute and two flute cutters. Wonkee Donkee Trend carries all the stock offered by Trend as we are a gold supplier. 


Straight single flute bits for cutting specific materials are also available. This includes router bits for use with ABS and PVC,  aluminium, and acrylics, You will also find pocket cutters with single flutesThere are many straight router bits with two flutes, and even some with three or four flutes, ground onto their bodies. These are often chosen for tasks where a particularly clean finish is needed - for example when the final cut made will be on show in the final workpiece. 



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