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Our range of industrial tooling is a large range of products used in the woodworking industry. The tools in this section include a large range of bits, cutters, and accessories for use with CNC routers, which are typically used for high-end production applications. The mini CNC is a smaller home version of a CNC router for that extra precision. You will also find here a selection of industrial drilling bits, bushes, and chucks, and a selection of PCD tooling. PCD router cutters are specialist tools made with Polycrystalline diamond, which is bonded onto tungsten carbide tips. These diamonds are exceptionally wear-resistant, which means these bits will outlast TCT equivalents many times over. You will also find a selection of industrial sawblades, Modular Window System jigs and accessories, and a selection of spindle tooling.

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  1. Trend IT/2016137 201 BK thru drill 10 mm diameter 57.5mm LH
    SKU: IT/2016137

    Trend IT/2016137 201 BK thru drill 10 mm diameter 57.5mm LH

    57.5mm overall length left hand

    £19.81 Excl. VAT £23.77 Incl. VAT

    D=10 mm  Cut length=25 mm  Overall length=57.5 mm  Shank Diameter=10x25 mm  Rotation=Left hand

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1 Item(s)

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