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Other than that range of Professional, CraftPro, and Trade router bits we also supply a selection of more specialist router cutters. You might find that purchasing a set of router bits is more practical as it contains a selection of different cutters conveniently packaged, such as kits for doll’s houses and starter kits. Replacement tip router cutters are ideal for high-end uses who want to limit tool down time and need the option of having blades that can be easily rotated or replaced as needed. These Rota-Tip cutters include solid tungsten carbide blades held by retaining screws to a ground steel body. Spiral router cutters have flutes that wind around their body in a helical shape and are designed to produce flat-bottomed grooves for a wide range of applications. Here is an entire range of STC spiral router cutters, but you can also find a selection of spiral cutters in the Professional HSS and TCT ranges.

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  1. Trend RT/72X1/2TC Rota-tip profiler two flute 19.1mm dia x 50mm cut
    £69.25 Excl. VAT £83.10 Incl. VAT

    D1=19.1 mm  Cut length=50 mm  Overall length=100 mm  B=19.05 mm  Shank Diameter=1/2  Spare blade 2 hole=RB/B  Spare blade 3 hole=RB/T  
  2. Trend RT/75X1/2TC Rota-tip double guided 19.1 dia x 50mm cut
    SKU: RT/75X1/2TC

    Trend RT/75X1/2TC Rota-tip double guided 19.1 dia x 50mm cut

    Shank mounted double bearing guided template profiler

    £70.71 Excl. VAT £84.85 Incl. VAT

    D1=19 mm  Cut length=50 mm  Overall length=113 mm  B=19.05 mm  Shank Diameter=1/2  Blade screw=SP-46/02D  Bearing screw=RT/M4.0  

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2 Item(s)

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