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Trend 25/5X8MMTC Octacut dia 34.9mm
Trend 25/5X8MMTC Octacut dia 34.9mm
Eight in One' Cutters sets. These have been designed to cut 8 different profiles.
They can be used in portable routers or in a router table.
Use B2 to produce a 1.6mm quirk and the B3 for a round over.
Trend 25/5X8MMTC
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D=34.9 mm  C=1 inch  C=25.5 mm  B=9.5 mm  B2=12.7 mm  B3=16 mm  R=9.5 mm  Shank Diameter=8 mm  Rule joint  Timber thickness min.=11 mm  Timber thickness max.=15 mm  
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