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Trend C184AX1/2TC Guided ogee raiser & back cutter R40mm

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Trend C184AX1/2TC Guided ogee raiser & back cutter R40mm
Panel raiser cutters for creating the panel for cabinet panelled doors.
Tool is fitted with a back cutter to guarantee a maximum panel tongue thickness of 6.3mm.
Note: must be used in a stationary variable speed router which is either mounted overhead or inverted in a router table at a slower speed. Use on natural timber and MDF.
Make several passes, adjusting back fence position with each pass.
For stationary use only.
Back cutter should be fitted at 90 degrees to the main tool to reduce the cutting impact.
Trend C184AX1/2TC
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Dimensions D=85.73 mm  d=54 mm  C=5/8 inch  C=16 mm  B=16 mm  B2=31.8 mm  R=22.2 mm  Tongue=6.3 mm  Reveal=27 & 34.9 mm  OL=78.5 mm  Shank Diameter=1/2 inch  Timber thickness min.=18 mm*  Timber thickness max.=25.4 mm  *(back of panel will not need back cutting)
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