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Trend CR/KFP/1 Kitchen Fitters Pack One
Trend CR/KFP/1 Kitchen Fitters Pack One
Trend CRAFTPRO Quality Router Cutter - 1/2" shank. Kitchen Fitters Router Cutter Pack.
Pack of four cutters for kitchen worktop routing and laminate trimming. Teflon coated. Micrograin tungsten carbide tipped. Superior quality for long life on natural and man-made boards.
Pack contains 2 x 12.7mm dia x 50mm straight two flute worktop cutters,1 x 12.7mm dia x 63mm straight two flute long worktop cutter, 1 x 12.7mm dia x 25.4mm Laminate trimmer.
Trend CR/KFP/1
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Straight two flute cutter  D=12.7 mm x 50mm cut  Overall length=93.5 mm  D=12.7 mm x 63mm cut  Overall length=105 mm  Shank Diameter=1/2 inch  Note: The cutter is especially suited for drilling.    Trimmer  D=12.7 mm x 25 mm  Overall length=77 mm  Shank Diameter=1/4 inch
Product Includes
2 x Worktop cutter (C153DX1/2TC)
1 x Long worktop cutter (C164X1/2TC)
1 x Laminate trimmer (C116X1/4TC)
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