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Trend DC/HG Diamond Cross Honing Guide

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Trend DC/HG Diamond Cross Honing Guide
Only available for a limited time: Diamond Cross honing guide for use with diamond sharpening stones.
Suited for use with 63mm (2 ??) wide x 178mm (7?) long bench or workshop sharpening stones.
Guide can be set to 25-degree or 30-degree angles with an adjustable stop and ensures the correct angle is maintained on bevel edge chisels and plane irons when homing on diamond whetstones.
Roller with alloy body can self-centre clamp bevelled edge chisels from ?? (6.35mm) to 1?? (32mm) and plane irons up to 2- 9/16? (65mm) wide.
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Guide designed for use with - Chisel blade width min. 6.35 mm - max. 32 mm   Plane blade width max. 65 mm - min. 35 mm   Angle: 25 deg & 30 deg
Product Includes
1 x Diamond Cross honing guide
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