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Trend FTS/KIT Fast track sharpener kit
Trend FTS/KIT Fast track sharpener kit
Fast track sharpener kit has a diamond cross relief pattern for a more aggressive abrasive profile and reduced clogging. The stones have easy to read diamond grade indicators.
Portable and hand operated honing system which gives a guaranteed razor fine edges every time.
Simple to use and requires no set up time.
Safe - easy - fast to use. Can be used by total beginners or professionals.
Exclusive lateral sharpening action for superb finished edges.
Machined in solid aluminium and anodised.
Rapid change magnetic lock diamond sharpening stones. Carriage travels on nylon 66 slip rails for a level action.
Create micro secondary honing angles for a supreme fine edge to prolong tool life.
Quick change sharpening angles 25-degree (primary) and 30 degree (secondary).
For sharpening square edge chisels and plane irons between 1/8-inch (3mm) and 2-1/2 inch (64mm).
Includes bench fixing facility and cleaning block.
Optional accessory stones are available.
Can be used with lapping fluid.
Patent No. GB2364943.
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A primary angle=25 degree (preparation)  A secondary angle=30 degree (fine)  Grit size=220 & 450  Stone colour=Black & White  Tool width=3 mm to 64 mm  Stone size=76 mm x 24 mm x 4mm
Product Includes
1 x Base & handle
1 x Preparation stone 220 grit
1 x Finishing stone 450 grit
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