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Trend IT/8420210 Counter-Profile (8420210)
Trend IT/8420210 Counter-Profile (8420210)
A disposable insert cutter set with a maximum of five different router cutters. Suitable for creating various thickness profile or counter profile joints in soft wood, hard wood, and man-made boards by using the supplied cutters in various combinations. For use with routers and machining centres with CNC control.
Trend IT/8420210
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Dimensions D=120 mm  Cut length=20-35 mm  Overall length=135 mm  Shank Diameter=20 mm  Recommended speed=12000 rpm   Timber thickness max.=33 mm  Profile 1=Ogee R10mm  Profile 2=Classic R5mm with step  Proflle 3=Flat ogee R8mm with step  Profile 4=Bevel
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