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44.18 GBP
Trend RT/40X1/2TC Rota-Tip cutter 25 mm diameter
Trend RT/40X1/2TC Rota-Tip cutter 25 mm diameter
Replaceable Solid Carbide blades.
Body of tool will remain in place when changing blades, so reducing down-time.
Straight cutters include blades with two or four cutting edges, so they can be rotated and locked in identical positions.
1/2 inch shank tools are perfect for production applications.
Big economic advantage over conventional brazed tip tooling.
The single blade can be rotated 180 degrees to give twice the life of a conventional tool.
Only suitable for use with fixed head machines.
Suited to plunge cutting.
Trend RT/40X1/2TC
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D=25 mm  C=30 mm  OL=86 mm  Shank Diameter=1/2 inch  
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