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Trend is the UK's leading brand for Router Bits and Router Cutters, Router Tables & Jigs, Industrial Tooling, Power Tools & Safety, and Routing Accessories. Wonkee Donkee Trend sell over 4,000 products in our online shop. All our products are very competitively priced and are constantly reviewed to ensure our customers always receive the best possible deals. We are a UK based approved Trend Tools stockist, successfully working with Trend for many years. We sell Trend tools online, and also through our builders’ merchant branch network Boys and Boden Ltd (est. 1895). Our branch network also holds the Stockists Trend TRC Gold Rating classification


As well as our selection of heavy duty routers, medium duty routers, and light duty routers, we also have thousands of router cutter bits in stock. These include router cutters and router bits for Chamfer, V Groove, Dovetail, Ogee, Ovolo, Rounding-Over, Radius,  Rebate, Bead, Scribe & Profile, Slotting & Grooving, Trimming & Profiling, Straight router cutters and many more with router bits used for edge shaping, through hole cuts and stopped groove cuts. We also sell router bit sets.


Creating different types of woodworking joints becomes easy with a handheld router, or a router mounted in a router table, when used with the appropriate router cutters, jigs and any other necessary accessories. Wonkee Donkee Trend stock full ranges of Trend Tool Spare Parts for all routing needs. 

We also stock replacement tip cutters, router cutter sets and spiral cutter bits. We cover all the Trend router cutter brands including Professional TCT, Professional STC, Professional HSS, Trend Trade TCT, Craftpro and Trend Snappy DrillingOther product ranges include router biscuit jointers and various safety products including, dust extractors, and Airshield. The Industrial Tooling ranges include PCD tooling, Spindle Tooling and Industrial Drilling. Trend also has extensive ranges of Professional sawblades, Craftpro sawblades, Professional TCT drilling, Professional HSS drilling, Craftpro Drilling, Trend hand tools, Spare Parts , Clamping, Diamond Sharpening and many more. Please contact us if you need any assistance in selecting your product, or need any additional guidance and information. Please note, we currently deliver to all areas of the UK.



Browse a selection of Trend tool product ranges. All our products are sold at TRADE PRICES.  

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Welcome to our UK online shop selling Trend Routing tools, woodworking Tools and industrial tools.  

Wonkee Donkee Trend online shop stocks over 4,000 woodworking and routing products together with Trend routers, tables and jigs. We also stock all Trend router cutter ranges, router bit profiles and thousands of Trend spare parts. As an approved Trend tools stockist, we deliver throughout the UK.


Our detailed information guides will provide guidance on using any of the Trend router bit ranges and types, including router bit sets, accessories such as routing jigs or tables, and other products such as jigsaw and circular saw blades. The guides also provide useful information on which router cutter type is the most appropriate for use in a particular project, looking at router bit profiles, flute forms, and the materials they are made from. Just browse through our guides to find details on how to use a router, how to use a router table, and various details on most of the router bit types we supply, including sizes of router bits and router bit profiles. These guides are designed to help you select the correct router bits, and router accessories for your job, including router jigs, and router table accessories. We currently deliver to all areas of the UK with a standard delivery tariff applicable for all orders regardless of order size or weight.

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