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Here you can browse our extensive range of routing accessories, router tables and jigs for routing. A jig is a specialist template that holds a workpiece and guides a power tool, the jigs here are designed to be used with woodworking routers. Jigs can save you a lot of time and ensure great accuracy each time, reducing the chance of mistakes and wasting material. Some jigs for routers require complex marking out of the workpiece, set up of the template, and often the purchase of specific cutters and guide bushes, and may be difficult for beginners to use. A router table is a special type of table where an appropriate hand-held router can be fixed, upside down, to the underside of the table top. Router tables allow you to use your router in ways which would be difficult or impossible if you were holding the router while you worked. A Router table will increase the versatility of your woodworking router. Accessories for routers include replacement collets, guide bushes and sub-bases, wooden biscuits and dowels for jointing wood, and various other accessories for router tables or jig making.


240V (UK plug only) NO VOLT RELEASE SWITCH USED ON CRT/MK3 & WRT ROUTER TABLES may have a defect and could cause an ELECTRIC SHOCK

Products with a date code of 2016 or 2017 may be affected, if your product has these date code STOP USING YOUR SWITCH IMMEDIATELY AND DISCONNECT IT FROM THE MAINS. You should contact Trend directly to arrange for your switch to be tested. Trend Customer Service: 01923 249911  www.trend-uk.com

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  1. Trend CTI/80/PK1 Cable tidy insert light grey 80mm
    SKU: CTI/80/PK1

    Trend CTI/80/PK1 Cable tidy insert light grey 80mm

    Plastic cable tidy inserts

    £13.99 Excl. VAT £16.79 Incl. VAT

    Size=80 mm  Colour=Light grey
  2. Trend KWJ/PIN/4 KWJ900 10mm pin pack of 4
    £8.68 Excl. VAT £10.42 Incl. VAT

    D=10 mm
  3. Trend KWJ700 Kitchen Worktop Jig 700mm
    £109.41 Excl. VAT £131.29 Incl. VAT

  4. Trend KWJ900 Kitchen Worktop Jig 900mm
    £142.23 Excl. VAT £170.68 Incl. VAT

  5. Trend TEMP/LB/A Template letterbox
    £54.76 Excl. VAT £65.71 Incl. VAT

    Template size=326 mm x 290 mm x 8 mm  Letterbox plate sizes  220 mm x 50 mm  210 mm x 60 mm  200 mm x 60 mm
  6. Trend LOCK/JIG Lock Jig

    Trend LOCK/JIG Lock Jig

    £90.87 Excl. VAT £109.04 Incl. VAT

  7. Trend TEMP/LR/A Template lock recess
    £72.79 Excl. VAT £87.35 Incl. VAT

  8. Trend LOCK/JIG/A Lock Jig Large
    £106.90 Excl. VAT £128.28 Incl. VAT

  9. Trend LOCK/JIG/B Adjustable trade lock jig
    £96.18 Excl. VAT £115.42 Incl. VAT

  10. Trend BUSH/600 Bush for COMBI600 alloy 20mm 1 off
    £6.79 Excl. VAT £8.15 Incl. VAT

    Diameter= 20 mm  Overall length=37 mm  Pin length=9 mm  Pin diameter=10 mm  Min. jig thickness=10 mm  Suits jig=COMBI600, TT/KWJ600
  11. Trend M/KWS01 Kitchen Worktop Jig Offset Scriber
    £24.85 Excl. VAT £29.82 Incl. VAT

    Offset=8.65 mm  Use with jigs=All Trend worktop jigs  Use with jigs= That use a 30mm guide and 12.7mm cutter
  12. Trend D/LIFT/A Door lifter
    £20.36 Excl. VAT £24.43 Incl. VAT

    Weight=303 g  Lifts to height=38 mm  Maximum door weight=108 kg  Size=254 mm x 44 mm x 75 mm
  13. Trend D/LIFT/B Door & board lifter swivel type
    £22.44 Excl. VAT £26.93 Incl. VAT

    Lifts to height=60 mm  Maximum door weight=75 kg  Size=315 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm  Weight=688 g
  14. Trend CASE/HJ/A Fabric carry case for H/JIG/A
    £24.70 Excl. VAT £29.64 Incl. VAT

    Length outside=1250 mm  Height outside=160 mm
  15. Trend CASE/HJ/C Fabric carry case for H/JIG/C
    £24.70 Excl. VAT £29.64 Incl. VAT

    Out of stock

    Length outside=1325mm  Height outside=160 mm
  16. Trend C/CHISEL Corner chisel HSS
    £17.51 Excl. VAT £21.01 Incl. VAT

    Length = 70 mm  Width = 29 mm  Weight = 100 g
  17. Trend D/CLAMP/A Door clamp ratchet type
    £26.33 Excl. VAT £31.60 Incl. VAT

    Maximum door thickness=55 mm
  18. Trend HR/JIG Hot Rod JIg
    £62.80 Excl. VAT £75.36 Incl. VAT

    Groove pitch=50.0 mm  Groove length=100, 200, 300 and 400 mm  Length=700 mm  Width=390 mm  Thickness=12 mm  Weight=3.5 kg
  19. Trend CASE/1001 Carry case for KWJ700/900 and COMBI1002
    £34.85 Excl. VAT £41.82 Incl. VAT

    Length outside=1250 mm  Height ouside=415 mm
  20. Trend MT/JIG/EURO Mortise and Tenon Jig Euro (Metric)
    £206.87 Excl. VAT £248.24 Incl. VAT

  21. Trend MT/JIG Mortise and Tenon Jig
    £206.87 Excl. VAT £248.24 Incl. VAT

  22. Trend RBTRNG18/250 Routabout Ring Set 18mm 250 Off
    £1,148.33 Excl. VAT £1,378.00 Incl. VAT

    Out of stock

    Max. load capacity=200 kg
  23. Trend RBTRNG22/100 Routabout Ring Set 22mm 100 Off
    £566.58 Excl. VAT £679.90 Incl. VAT

    Out of stock

    Max. load capacity=200 kg
  24. Trend RBTRNG18/100 Routabout Ring Set 18mm 100 Off
    £471.26 Excl. VAT £565.51 Incl. VAT

    Out of stock

    Max. load capacity=200 kg
  25. Trend RBTRNG22/10 Routabout Ring Set 22mm 10 Off
    £64.85 Excl. VAT £77.82 Incl. VAT

    Max. load capacity=200 kg

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