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Trend produce a top-quality range of woodworking routers. You can choose from a light-duty, medium-duty, or two heavy-duty machines, depending on their intended uses. Each router is available in two versions, for use either on-site or in a workshop. All routers are suitable for use in a router table or as hand-held power tools. The light duty router can be removed from its base and used for delicate engraving and similar tasks. We also have a top-of-the-range biscuit jointer. A handheld power tool for easily producing the recesses used for creating biscuit joints. Finally, out woodworking safety equipment is also produced to the highest quality and includes a workshop dust extracting vacuum, a range of safety goggles, and the Airace half mask with filters, and the Airshield battery-powered respirator that covers your entire face.

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  1. Trend AIR/P/6 Ear defenders for AIR/PRO (Pair)
    £27.76 Excl. VAT £33.31 Incl. VAT

    Out of stock

  2. Trend AIR/P/5/UK Charger 230V UK plug AIR/PRO
    £31.34 Excl. VAT £37.61 Incl. VAT

    Mains voltage=230v  Consumption=4w nominal  Output=4.2V DC, 300mA, 1.26VA  Weight=0.2kg  End of life=See below for Environmental Policy link
  3. Trend AIR/P/4 8 Hour battery AIR/PRO
    £37.29 Excl. VAT £44.75 Incl. VAT

    Battery  Type=Ni-MH  Voltage=3.6v 3 cell  Capacity=3.5Ah  Weight=0.19kg
  4. Trend AIR/P/7 Remote battery cradle air/pro
    £29.16 Excl. VAT £34.99 Incl. VAT

    End of life=See below for Environmental Policy link
  5. Trend AIR/P/1 AIR/PRO THP2 filter pack (Pair)
    £23.21 Excl. VAT £27.85 Incl. VAT

    For AIR/PRO  Filter type=THP2  Quantity=2  
  6. Trend AIR/P/3C AIR/PRO Visor overlay - clear (10 Pack)
    £17.26 Excl. VAT £20.71 Incl. VAT

    Pack of 10
  7. Trend WP-AIR/P/18 AIR/PRO Headband fixing complete new Oct 2
    £34.77 Excl. VAT £41.72 Incl. VAT

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7 Item(s)

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