Our range of industrial tooling is a large range of products used in the woodworking industry. The tools in this section include a large range of bits, cutters, and accessories for use with CNC routers, which are typically used for high-end production applications. The mini CNC is a smaller home version of a CNC router for that extra precision. You will also find here a selection of industrial drilling bits, bushes, and chucks, and a selection of PCD tooling. PCD router cutters are specialist tools made with Polycrystalline diamond, which is bonded onto tungsten carbide tips. These diamonds are exceptionally wear-resistant, which means these bits will outlast TCT equivalents many times over. You will also find a selection of industrial sawblades, Modular Window System jigs and accessories, and a selection of spindle tooling.

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  1. Trend IT/1910237 Ball bearing Bore 1 1/4"
    £19.51 Excl. VAT £23.41 Incl. VAT

    D=55 mm  Cut length=13 mm  Bore=1 1/4 inches  
  2. Trend IT/1925880 Alloy guide ring 110x15.0x55
    £28.80 Excl. VAT £34.56 Incl. VAT

    D1=110 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  3. Trend IT/1925910 Alloy guide ring 125x15.0x55
    £36.22 Excl. VAT £43.46 Incl. VAT

    D=125 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  4. Trend IT/1925960 Alloy guide ring 150x15.0x55
    £31.99 Excl. VAT £38.39 Incl. VAT

    D=150 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  5. Trend IT/1925950 Alloy guide ring 145x15.0x55
    £30.96 Excl. VAT £37.15 Incl. VAT

    D=145 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  6. Trend IT/1925890 Alloy guide ring 115x15.0x55
    £30.25 Excl. VAT £36.30 Incl. VAT

    D=115 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  7. Trend IT/1925940 Alloy guide ring 140x15.0x55
    £28.91 Excl. VAT £34.69 Incl. VAT

    D=140 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  8. Trend IT/1925870 Alloy guide ring 105x15.0x55
    £27.86 Excl. VAT £33.43 Incl. VAT

    D=105 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  9. Trend IT/1925930 Alloy guide ring 135x15.0x55
    £27.86 Excl. VAT £33.43 Incl. VAT

    D=135 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  10. Trend IT/1925860 Alloy guide ring 100x15.0x55
    £26.94 Excl. VAT £32.33 Incl. VAT

    D=100 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  11. Trend IT/1925920 Alloy guide ring 130x15.0x55
    £23.04 Excl. VAT £27.65 Incl. VAT

    Out of stock

    D=130 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  12. Trend IT/1925900 Alloy guide ring 120x15.0x55
    £21.67 Excl. VAT £26.00 Incl. VAT

    D=120 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  13. Trend IT/1925850 Alloy guide ring 95x15.0x55
    £22.29 Excl. VAT £26.75 Incl. VAT

    D=95 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  14. Trend IT/1925840 Alloy guide ring 90x15.0x55
    £21.36 Excl. VAT £25.63 Incl. VAT

    D=90 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  15. Trend IT/1925830 Alloy guide ring 85x15.0x55
    £20.44 Excl. VAT £24.53 Incl. VAT

    D=85 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  16. Trend IT/1910230 Ball bearing Bore 30mm
    £19.51 Excl. VAT £23.41 Incl. VAT

    D=55 mm  Cut length=13.0 mm  Bore=30 mm  
  17. Trend IT/1925820 Alloy guide ring 80x15.0x55
    £19.51 Excl. VAT £23.41 Incl. VAT

    D=80 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  18. Trend IT/1925810 Alloy guide ring 75x15.0x55
    £18.58 Excl. VAT £22.30 Incl. VAT

    D=75 mm  Cut length=15.0 mm  Bore=55 mm  
  19. Trend IT/1925107 Safety cover ring 58mm x 1 1/4
    £8.36 Excl. VAT £10.03 Incl. VAT

    Bore=1 1/4 inches  
  20. Trend IT/1925100 Safety cover ring 58mm x 30mm
    £8.36 Excl. VAT £10.03 Incl. VAT

    Bore=30 mm  
  21. Trend IT/1927937 Steel spacer rings 60mm thickness 0.5mm bore 1 1/4"
    £5.99 Excl. VAT £7.19 Incl. VAT

    D=60 mm  Thickness=0.5 mm  Bore=1 1/4 inches  
  22. Trend IT/1926157 Steel spacer rings 50mm thickness 0.5mm bore 1 1/4"
    £5.06 Excl. VAT £6.07 Incl. VAT

    D=50 mm  Thickness=0.5 mm  Bore=1 1/4 inches  
  23. Trend IT/1927917 Steel spacer rings 60mm thickness 0.1mm bore 1 1/4"
    £2.47 Excl. VAT £2.96 Incl. VAT

    D=60 mm  Thickness=0.1 mm  Bore=1 1/4 inches  
  24. Trend IT/1927927 Steel spacer rings 60mm thickness 0.2mm bore 1 1/4"
    £2.47 Excl. VAT £2.96 Incl. VAT

    D=60 mm  Thickness=0.2 mm  Bore=1 1/4 inches  
  25. Trend IT/1926187 Steel spacer rings 50 mm thickness 3mm bore 1 1/4"
    £2.38 Excl. VAT £2.86 Incl. VAT

    D=50 mm  Thickness=3.0 mm  Bore=1 1/4 inches  

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