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Spindle Tooling

Here is a range of industrial spindle tools and accessories for various cutting applications. This range includes Tungsten Carbide brazed tip tooling, Multi profile cutter heads with tool steel and Tungsten Carbide knives, and disposable insert tooling. The disposable insert tooling provides an accurate and clean cut with a profile that remains the same, they will save tool costs and reduce set-up time, and you will have no re-sharpening costs. This range includes cutters designed for grooving, profiling, rebating, planing, chamfering, and jointing as well as a selection of spacers, ball bearing guides, and spare parts.

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  1. Trend IT/3403240 limitor 38mm x 4mm (pair) 032
    SKU: IT/3403240

    Trend IT/3403240 limitor 38mm x 4mm (pair) 032

    40mm knife & limitor profile 032

    £9.31 Excl. VAT £11.17 Incl. VAT

    Cut length=38 mm  Kerf=4 mm  

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1 Item(s)

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