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Routing Jigs

We have a large range of on-site and workshop jigs designed to suit various applications. A jig is a specialist template which holds the workpiece and guides a power tool. Our jigs are specifically designed for use with woodworking routers. They are used for accurately completing complex routing applications. They are commonly used by professional woodworkers and tradesmen when they need to make accurate and repetitive cuts regularly. Jigs and templates will save you a lot of time and should ensure great accuracy every time by reducing the chance of making mistakes, and they will help you to waste less material. There are a huge number of different jigs available. Each one is typically designed for accomplishing very specific applications. Some are flat templates, like stencils, such as letter and number templates, while others are more complex, 3-D-design, templates, like the ones designed for producing dovetail joints.

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  1. Trend VJS/AG/36 Varijig Variable Angle Guide 36 inch 915mm
    £80.13 Excl. VAT £96.16 Incl. VAT

  2. Trend VARIJIG Varijig system adjustable frame
    £82.05 Excl. VAT £98.46 Incl. VAT

    Out of stock

    Extrusion width=54mm  Extrusion height=15.8mm
  3. Trend VJS/TG/JIG Varijig Tenon & Grooving Jig
    £115.62 Excl. VAT £138.74 Incl. VAT

  4. Trend VJS/G/100 Varijig system straight guide 2.54 metre
    £78.40 Excl. VAT £94.08 Incl. VAT

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4 Item(s)

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