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Router Cutter Sets

We currently provide several router bit sets, designed for specific users or applications. They work out less expensive than buying the bits individually, so they are excellent value. Sets in this range include Starter sets with either 6, 12, 15, 24, or even 35 cutters in them with a range of sizes profiles that make them an ideal initial investment for someone new to routing as you’ll have a range of cutters for different tasks. Other sets available include dovetail router bit sets with five cutters of varying angles and two straight cutters. They’re designed for use with the DC400 dovetailing centre jig. Mortise and tenon router bit sets contain five long reach straight cutters of varying sizes, designed for use with the Trend mortise and tenon jig. We also have a set of bits dedicated to producing moulding and other items for 1:12 scale doll’s houses.

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