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Trade TCT Router Cutters

The Trade range of router bits is aimed at the particular needs of the tradesperson. They feature micro-granular Tungsten Carbide Tips that have a highly ground face for a superior finish on various materials, such as MDF, hardwoods, softwoods, plywood and chipboard. They are all PTFE non-stick coated to resist resin and heat build-up, which is particularly effective when cutting resinous softwoods. This will preserve the life of the router bits. They also feature extra-long shanks so they are well suited to use in router tables, they have dimensions etched on the shanks for quick and easy identification. These router bits are supplied with practical plastic tube storage cases that provide excellent protection in transit. Browse the full range of Trend Trade router bits here.

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  1. Trend TR33X1/4TC Guided chamfer angle=45 degrees x 31.8mm
    SKU: TR33X1/4TC

    Trend TR33X1/4TC Guided chamfer angle=45 degrees x 31.8mm

    Shank Diameter 1/4"

    £28.66 Excl. VAT £34.39 Incl. VAT

    D=1 1/4 inches  D=31.8 mm  Overall length=62 mm  B=9.5 mm  A=45 degrees  Shank Diameter=1/4 inch  
  2. Trend TR22X1/4TC Chamfer V groove cutter 45 degrees (Shank Dia 1/4")
    £17.61 Excl. VAT £21.13 Incl. VAT

    D=1/2 inch  D=12.7 mm  Overall length=53 mm  A=45 degrees  Shank Diameter=1/4 inch  

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2 Item(s)

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