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Trend 46/44X8MMTC 24mm Rebater Shank 8mm
Trend 46/44X8MMTC 24mm Rebater Shank 8mm
Popular rebate sets that come supplied with different size bearings for a choice of rebates.
Easy to set-up & has accurate depth of cut.
Perfect for rebating straight or shaped work pieces.
Ref. 46/39L has a shank length of 60mm to give access to deep rebates.
Ref. 46/44 is perfect with delicate applications, like making musical instruments, when a small rebate is required for inserting something such as purfling.
When using the bearing Ref. B95A for a full depth cut two passes are required by using a larger bearing first.
Trend 46/44X8MMTC
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D=24 mm  C=12.7 mm  B=16 mm  B2=19 mm  B3=22 mm  Shank Diameter=8 mm  Rebate E:  B22=1.0 mm  B19=2.5 mm  B16=4 mm
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