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Trend RBT/2 Routabout Jig 18mm x 1/2" Shank
Trend RBT/2 Routabout Jig 18mm x 1/2" Shank
Routabout jig gives access to pipes and cables underneath chipboard floors in seconds.
For plumbers, builders and electricians.
Cut and make good a 250mm diameter opening in seconds.
Suitable for use in new or existing 18mm chipboard floors or similar.
Will cut only the thickness of the board.
No waste is left, the section cut out can be used to make good the floor.
You just need a plunge router (750 watts or above).
A Unibase may be necessary for particular makes and models of router.
Trend RBT/2
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With Shank Diameter=1/2 inch  Floor thickness=18 mm  Access hole diameter=250 mm  Maximum weight=380 kg
Product Includes
1 x Routabout template
3 x Spacer rings
1 x Special TCT router cutter
1 x 30mm Plastic guide bush
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