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Trend S47/72X1/4STC Economy V groove
Trend S47/72X1/4STC Economy V groove
Cutter suitable for trimming and bevelling timber, plastic laminate and lippings.
Only for use in laminate trimming routers or when introducing straight fence guides.
Solid tungsten carbide (TC) economy cutter.
To be used on short runs at 90 degrees or 45 degrees.
Can trim and bevel by changing cutter height.
Side fence or roller bearing required.
Trend S47/72X1/4STC
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D=1/4 inch  D=6.3 mm  C=6.3 mm  C2=3.2 mm  OL=38 mm  A=45 degrees  A2=90 degrees  Shank Diameter=1/4 inch  
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