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Welcome to Wonkee Donkee Trend Routing and Woodworking Tools

Router technology across the UK

Welcome to Wonkee Donkee Trend Online Shop. We stock the full range of Trend routers and routing products, and, Trend's other woodworking and industrial tooling, all at very competitive prices. We have worked very successfully with Trend over many years, both through our branch network and online, and we always endeavour to provide an exceptional service with an extensive, keenly priced product range available to our customers.


Wonkee Donkee also aims to provide you with help and advice on all aspects of router technology, routing, and woodworking. Though the internet will often provide a helping hand, it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming source of information. We believe in keeping things simple, taking the donkey work out of your hands, so your experience will be an informative yet enjoyable one.


Our researchers gather information from books, magazines, and websites, as well as personally speaking with specialists, builders and manufacturers to bring you the information we believe is relevant, presented in a clear and informative format. Here at Wonkee Donkee Trend we focus on all aspect of router power tools, router accessories, and other carpentry tools, such as biscuit jointers, mitre shears, planer blades, and various saw blades


But it's not all about the theory! We also encourage you to get stuck in, and will guide you every step of the way, whether you're improving your home, carrying out repairs, or completing a personal project. whether you are a beginner to routing or a joinery professional, Trend routers and routing accessories will offer you the best technology around. 


As well at helping you identify and find the right product for you, WONKEE DONKEE offers extensive information on all of the products we sell, as well as how to care for and maintain them. Our website is easy to navigate, with clear headings, unbiased advice, and simple step-by-step guides. Browse through our detailed information on router bits, and the different router bit profiles available, router tables, for increasing your router's versatility, router jigs, complex and simple templates for routing, and much more.





We take the donkey work out of choosing the correct product.







All buildings are built wonky, so you need to choose a product that works.




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