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Straight router cutter - Different types and sizes of straight bits from Trend

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Trend have a particularly extensive range of straight router cutters, for a variety of needs. The Professional TCT range, CraftPro range, Trade range, and Replaceable tip range, all have large selections of straight cutters to choose from. The Professional HSS range has a smaller selection of straight single flute and two flute cutters, as well as some straight router bits designed for window fitters.


Different types of straight router cutter


Single flute straight router cutters

  A selection of straight bits with a single flute  

Single flute straight cutters have just one flute and are generally used for applications where speed is more important than a clean cut. Selections of these cutters can be found in the CraftPro, Professional TCT, Professional HSS, and Replacement tip ranges. 

Because they are more efficient at clearing waste material, they are often used when making deep grooves and rebates, where the material can build up around the cutter, causing it to overheat or clog. 


Straight single flute cutters for cutting specific materials are also available, including ones for use with ABS and PVC, aluminium, and acrylic, as well as pocket cutters with single flutes


Multiple flute straight router cutters


There are also many straight router cutters with two, and even some with three or four flutes ground onto their body. These are often chosen for tasks where a very clean finish is needed - for example when the final cut edge will be on show. 


Two flute straight cutters

  An example of the neat work a multi fluted straight bit can do when used for routing and woodworking  

The Professional HSS range has a choice of 9 two flute straight cutters, which includes a pocket cutter and 8 other straight cutters, including one with a ½” shank, all designed for general rebating and grooving applications in non-abrasive materials. They are particularly suited to producing a superior finish on softer timbers. 

The Replacement Tip range contains 7 straight cutters with two flutes, including staggered cutters that are particularly suited to plunge cutting.


Other ranges of straight cutters have a selection of two flute cutters in varying sizes. The Trade range contains two flute straight cutters with overall diameters of 1 - 6.35mm, 7 - 12mm, 12.7mm, and 13 – 20mm, as well as multi-packs of cutters. 

The CraftPro range has two flute straight cutters that have overall diameters of 1 - 6.3mm, 7.1 – 10mm, 11.1 – 12.55mm, 12.7mm, 14 – 15.9mm, 16 – 19.1mm, and 20 – 52mm, as well as multi-packs for kitchen fitters, some of which also include biscuit joint cutters and/or laminate trimmers.

  straight router cutters with two flutes close up view  

But, it is the Professional TCT range that has the largest and most comprehensive selection of two flute router cutters. Overall diameters are 1 – 5.5mm, 6 – 7mm, 7.1 – 9mm, 9.1 – 12.55mm, 12.7mm, 13 – 15.9mm, 16 – 19.1mm, 20 – 25mm, and 25.4 – 50.8mm. Other two flute cutters in this range include ones designed for use with specific materials – an ABS and PVC cutter, Acrylic cutters, and spiral aluminium cutters, as well as kitchen fitter cutter packs with three or five cutters included. 

  A hinge recessor and an example of a hinge recess  

Hinge recessors

These cutters are usually designed for making shallow lateral cuts, ideal for recessing hinges. They have two flutes and a recess/slot in their base for additional waste clearance. 

Straight hinge recessors can be found in the Professional range and CraftPro range.


Pocket router cutters

  Different types of pocket cutter bit for routing  

Pocket cutters have extra long shanks, sometimes twice as long as regular cutter shanks, making them suitable for deep grooving, mortising and rebating applications. 

They are also useful for template work where the thickness of the template restricts cutting depth.

  A reminder to DIYers that pocket cutters should only be used in short passes to avoid breakage  

Please note: because of their shank length, pocket cutters should be handled with extra care and only used to make passes of a few millimetres at a time to avoid breakages. 

You'll find a selection of pocket cutters in the Professional TCT range, two pockets cutters in the Professional HSS range, and one in the CraftPro range.

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Mortisers / Mortise router cutters

  Diagram showing the staggering cutting flutes on a mortiser for routing  

Like pocket cutters, mortisers have longer shanks, but they also have stagger-tooth flutes, which consist of several short flutes positioned at intervals around the cutter body.

Trend have a small selection of different mortise cutters, or mortisers, found in the Trade range, Professional TCT range, and CraftPro range.

  Example of a mortise and tenon joint cut by a mortiser with a wood router  

These are much more efficient at clearing waste material compared to standard flutes, which is why mortisers are best suited to deep mortising and grooving tasks where another cutter may become clogged with waste material.

However, they will not cut as smoothly as pocket cutters with two flutes, so this should be considered if a clean finish is important. 


Tenon router cutters

  Tenon bits - large tenon milling router cutter - 37/12X1/2TC - wonkee donkee trend  

A distinctive type of cutter,the tenon cutter  is intended mainly for routing tenons. This cutter has four cutting edges, for producing a clean finish on the shoulder, with two down-shear blades for the shoulder and two up-shear blades for the face of the tenon. This design ensures a neat finish when cutting tenons and other applications that require a wide rebate. The tenon cutter from Trend is Tungsten Carbide Tipped for use on timber and the more abrasive man-made boards. It is perfect for tenoning or where a large area needs to be recessed or surfaced and offers an improved finish on interlocking grain.


Tapered router cutters

  An example of a tapered two-flute bit  

Two-fluted taper cutters have diagonally set cutting edges and are designed for use in the creation of wooden moulds for vacuum forming plastic.

 Routing the edges of the wood at an angle is important for this process, as it allows the mould to release more easily.


Shank guided housing cutters

  An example of a shank guided housing router cutter  

Shank guided housing cutters can be used to create the housing for keyholes or other components to be sunk into a wooden surface, as well as rebates and tenons. The CraftPro range and Professional TCT range both have guided housing cutters. 

They feature a shank-mounted bearing guide so that they can be used accurately with a template.

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What straight router cutter sizes are available?


Straight router cutters are most often sized according to the following dimensions:


Shank diameter of straight router cutters

  Diagram showing how a cutter's shank diameter is measured  

The shank diameter is measured across the centre of the shank from any point on its circumference.


Straight cutters are available with ¼" (6.35mm), 8mm (5/16"), ⅜" (9.5mm), 12mm (½" approx.) and ½" (12.7mm) shank diameters.


Overall length of straight router cutters

  Diagram showing how to measure a bit's overall length  

The overall length of a cutter is measured from the top of the shank to the bottom of the cutting edges or guide (if there is one).


Straight cutters range in length from 39mm (1½" approx.) to 133mm (5" approx.).


Diameter of straight router cutters

  Diagram showing how to measure the cutting diameter of a routing woodworking bit  

The diameter is the maximum width of the path made by a router cutter in one pass, and is measured from the outermost point of the cutting edges through the centre of the cutter.


Straight router cutters have diameters ranging from 1mm (1/32") to 50.8mm (2"). 


Cutting edge length of straight router cutters

  Diagram showing how to measure a router bits cutting edge length  

This is the maximum length of the full cutting edge of the router cutter. It is measured from the top of the cutting edge to the bottom.


Straight router cutting edge lengths range from 3mm (⅛") to 63mm (2½" approx.).

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