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What are the different types of Trend diamond sharpening product?

  diamond sharpening tools  

CraftPro diamond stones  


The CraftPro diamond sharpening range consists of three whetstones that are designed to deburr, sharpen, and hone a variety of tools. All these of these whetstones are double sided, with a coarse side of 360 grit and 40 microns, and a fine side with 600 grit and 25 micron.

  Credit card diamond sharpener  

Credit card stone

The CraftPro credit card stone is a 3" (76mm) whetstone, perfectly sized for use with router cutters that are fluted, shaped, and small. It is also suited to carving and woodturning tools. 

  Sharpener with a folding handle  

Stone with folding handle

This stone is 4" (101mm) and has an ABS folding handle which will protect the diamond surface when folded. It's versatile and easy to carry, with oval holes for collecting and holding metal residues. 

  bench stone for sharpening  

Bench stone

The CraftPro bench stone is 6" x 2⅜" (152mm x 60mm) with a plastic base that has non-slip feet. It also comes with a protective, clear lid. The fine side has oval holes for residue collection and also has a clear solid area for use with small tools. 

      diamond sharpening tools     

Diamond bench stones


This range of precision bench stones has pre-ground substrates for true flatness. This range consists of three double-sided whetstones, with coarse sides of 300 grit and 50 microns, and fine side of 1000 grit and 15 microns, and also an extra coarse flattening stone. All four of these are supplied with a non-slip mat, cleaning block, and either a fabric tool holder or wallet for storage. These awrds winning stones all have a 5-year guarantee. 

  Diamond sharpening whetstones from Trend - produced in the UK  

Diamond bench workshop 6 inch stone

This bench stone measures 6" x 2" (152mm x 50mm) and is able to produce shaving edges in seconds. The fine gritted side is suitable for use with carving tools that require a fine finish.

  Diamond sharpening stones  

Diamond bench and worktop 7 inch stone

This bench stone measures 7" x 2½" (178mm x 63mm). It's ideal for re-flattening the edges of plane blades and chisels for carving.

  Sharpening stones with diamonds  

Classic Pro 8 inch stone

This larger stone measures 8" x 3" (203mm x 75mm). The coarser side has an exclusive diamond shaped surface to prevent snagging when sharpening smaller tooling or pointers.

  Sharpening tools  

Diamond bench workshop 8 inch grinding stone (extra coarse single sided)

This grinding or flattening stone is single sided with an extra coarse grit of 180 (70 microns). The clearance channels on the surface allow for faster sharpening as they disperse residue quickly when removing heavier stock. This stone is designed for fixing and restoring damaged edges on plane blades and chisels. This stone can also be used for flattening oil stones. 

      diamond sharpening tools     

Diamond cross stones


Diamond cross stones are designed for trade use. The unique embossed diamond cross markings and 1.5mm stainless steel plate reduces clogging and optimizes abrasion rates. Each stone in this range is double sided, with grit indicators clearly visible. The smaller stones in this range have ergonomic gripping handles for comfort and ease of use. These Trad range stones all have a 3-year guarantee.

  router cutter diamond stone  

Router cutter stone

This stone is specifically designed for sharpening router cutters in workshops or on site. The small size makes it perfect for use with shaped, fluted, and small cutters and bits. It's double sided with a coarse (300 grit) and fine (600 grit) side.

  credit card diamond cross stone from Trend  

Credit card stone

This credit card sized stone is also suitable for use with various designs of router cutter and bit, as well as carving and woodturning tools, and chisels. This stone also has a coarse (300 grit) side and a fine (600 grit) side.

  single handle file diamond cross stone from Trend UK  

Single handle file

This file stone is also double sided, with a 600 grit fine side and a 300 grit coarse side. The longer shape of the stone and the gripping handle make it ideal for sharpening knives, chisels, and sawblades. 

  double handled file diamond cross stone from Trend UK  

Double handle files (fine/coarse grade or coarse/extra coarse grade)

These files have twin handles, for extra control. They're both 4" long, excluding their handles and have clearly visible grit indicators on each side. They come in two grades, coarse (300 grit) and fine (600 grit), or coarse (300 grit) and extra coarse (100 grit). With the coarse/extra coarse file being ideally suited to sharpening larger bladed gardening tools. 

  worshop diamond cross sharpening stone made in the UK by Trend  

Workshop stone   

This larger stone is 8" x 2¾" (203mm x 70mm) is a laminated and pressure bonded construction with a tool steel core, which is precision ground, with diamond-plated stainless steel plates. It comes with a pair of unique magnetic holders which are non-slip and interlocking. Perfect for use with chisels and plane blades. It has a coarse side with 300 grit and an extra fine side with 100 grit.

  magnetic sharpening stone holders  

Bench holder (pair)

The magnetic interlocking rubber feet are also available separately. They are suited to use with various sizes of credit card and bench stones, including the Diamond cross router cutter stone and credit card stone. They will raise the stone 12mm (½") above the work surface. 

      diamond sharpening tools     

Diamond files and steels


The trend range of diamond files and steels are a versatile selection of sharpening tools which are ideally suited to use with shaped, turning, and carving tools. They can also be used with plastics, metals, wood, and carbide tipped tools, which makes them suited to various kitchen, garden, and domestic applications. All these files and steels have 5-year guarantees. 

  file diamond sharpener from Trend UK  

Diamond tapered files

This selection of files has three different versions, each of which is particularly versatile. They're precision made tapered files with a flat top and a convex back blade. The 6" taper file has 150mm diamond coverage and an overall length of 270mm. They measure 25mm at the widest part of the file, tapering down to 3.2mm and have a fine 600 grit. The 3" files come in standard, with a fine 400 grit, or mini, with a fine 600 grit, versions. The standard size has an overall length of 180mm with 75mm of diamond coverage and a maximum width of 17mm. The mini file is thinner, with a width of 11mm tapering to 2.5mm. It has 75mm diamond coverage and an overall length of 150mm.

  flat file with fine and coarse grit  

Diamond machinist flat file (double sided)

This file is double sided, with a coarse 300 grit side and a fine 600 grit side. It has a comfortable, solid polycarbonate handle. It's widely used by professional woodturners, as well as in engineering, carving, and domestic use.

  diamond sharpening steels  

Diamond steels (10" and 12")

Trend's diamond steels are specially designed for sharpening knives used for fishing, catering, butchery, and general domestic applications. They have a fine 600 grit (25 microns). They have a stainless steel core that is electroplated with diamonds and polycarbonate handle with a hanging hole. They come in 10" (254mm) and 12" (305mm) versions.

  file set. Diamond sharpening files from Trend  

Needle file set

Trend's set of needles files contains four precision quality files, all with a fine 600 grit. They're ideal for filing plastics and metals, they're widely used for jewellery making, model engineering, removing welds, and sharpening small tools. The set comprises of a flat file, a tapered half flat / round file, a tapered / round file, and a triangular / tapered file, all supplied in a wallet.

  pen files. Diamond sharpening solutions  

Diamond pen files

Trend have two diamond pen files. Both have a fine 600 grit and an overall length of 143mm when the file is out and the body is being used as a handle. The outdoorsman pen file has a slightly larger file, which measures 95mm x 5.5mm, and has a flat / round surface with a v-groove that can be used with fish hooks The file part can be pushed back into the body for easy storage. The other diamond pen file has a round / taper file which is 93mm long and can be unscrewed from the body which then becomes a handle. diamond sharpening tools


Diamond pocket stones


These pocket stones, or slip stones, are ideal for sharpening router cutters, chisels, knives, circular saw blades, and many other hand tools. They are all double sided with clear git indicators. Their small size means they are easy to carry for use when and where they're needed.

  pocket files with diamond surfaces  

3" pocket stone   

This pocket stone is ideal for router cutters and all other hand tools. It has a coarse (300 grit) and a fine (600 grit) side and measures 87mm x 25mm x 1.5mm. It comes supplied in a wallet.

  pocket files for all your sharpening needs  

3" credit card stones  

These general purpose credit card stones measure 85mm x 50mm x 1.6mm. They come in two versions. The fine / coarse stone has 600 grit and 300 grit. It's ideally suited for use with carbide and HSS router cutters, and joinery and turning tools. The coarse / extra coarse stone has 300 grit and 180 grit. IT's perfect repairing damaged edges, roughing out gouges, and HSS coning and hollow inserts. 

  carvers diamond stone for sharpening  

3" carvers stone

The carvers stone has two grades of fine grit which is specially designed for carvers. It has a 600 grit side and a 100 grit side for precision honing of a sharp edge. It measures 85mm x 50mm x 1.6mm and comes in a wallet. 

  Pocket stones with diamonds from Trend UK  

5" pocket stones

5" pocket stones have a fine 600 grit side and a coarse 300 grit side, for use with a wide variety of tools, including router cutters. They measure 127mm x 27mm x 1.5mm and are available in a plastic wallet or with a fabric tool holder and cleaning block.


Diamond stone kits


Trend produce three separate sharpening kits. Each contains a different selection of products for a variety of sharpening tasks. The sharpening stones provided in these kits all have 5-year guarantees. 

  Diamond sharpening kits for all your sharpening needs  

Diamond complete sharpener kit

This diamond kit is the perfect introduction to sharpening as it includes a sharpening booklet and Sharpening made easy DVD which both provide an array of tips and hints for sharpening almost any tool. This kit also contains a double-sided credit card stone which has a non-slip mat and a 3" mini tapered file that is round / flat. A cleaning block and a 100ml bottle of lapping fluid is also included, these should help to ensure the stones work to their optimum and can be properly maintained to increase their life. 

  Whetstone diamond sharpening kits from Trend UK  

Diamond whetstone kit

This kit has a credit card stone, with grits of 600 and 340, and a 7" bench stone, with grits of 1000 and 300, which measures 178mm x 63.5mm x 9.5mm. A holder is included for the bench stone. The kit also includes a fabric case, for storage, a non-slip mat, for the credit card stone, a cleaning block, for maintenance, and a 100ml bottle of lapping fluid lubricant. 

  Sharpening, polishing and honing kit  

Diamond whetstone honing and polishing kit

This comprehensive diamond kit contains an 8" x 3" bench stone with a coarse 300 grit side and a particularly fine 100 grit side, with a non-slip mat. It has a leather strop and 100gm honing polishing compound bar, for polishing sharpened cutting edges. The honing guide that's included ensures precise angles can be maintained on plane irons and chisels, with angles pre-set at 25, 20, 35, and 40 degrees. The guide is a roller with an alloy body that self-centre clamps plane irons up to 2⅜" (60.3mm) wide, and chisels from ⅜" (10mm) to 1¼" (32mm). This kit is completed with a fabric tool holder, cleaning block, and a 100ml bottle of lapping fluid. diamond sharpening tools




Trend Fasttracks are portable fixed angle honing systems that are easy to use and produce a razor fine edge each time, with quick change angles of 25 degrees and 30 degrees. They're constructed of sturdy aluminium and anodised, so they're built to last. Each kit includes a bench fixing facility and a cleaning block. Spare stones and various accessories are also available.  

  Fasttrack sharpening system from Trend  


These kits contain a base with handle, a 220 grit preparation stone, and a 450 grit finishing stone. This kit can be purchased with these standard components or in an improved pack that also includes a super fine 1000 grit deburring plate, that easily fits in the Fasttrack base, and a pack of 12 chisel edge guards in a range of sizes, to protect from damage and injury. 

  Sharpening stone spares for Trend Fasttrack  

Fasttrack spares

Available to buy separately is the extra coarse 220 grit preparation stone (60 micron), which is coloured black, and the 450 grit finishing stone (35 micron), which is coloured white. 

  Fasttrack accessories from Trend UK  

Fasttrack optional accessories

Also available to buy separately, and designed to fit the Fasttrack, are chisel edge guards and four types of diamond sharpening stones. The chisel edge guards come in a pack of 12 with a range of 6 sizes (2 of each size), ¼" (6.35mm), ½" (12.7mm), ¾" (19mm), 1" (25.4mm), 1-¼" (31.8mm), and 1-½" (38mm). The available stones are - and extra-extra coarse roughing stone (100 grit, 20 micron, silver), a fine finish stone (600 grit, 25 micron, red), a super fine finish stone (1000 grit, 9 micron, green), and a super fine finish deburr plate (100 grit, can retrofit existing Fasttracks).


Cutter and collet care kits

  Router cutter and collet care pack from Trend UK  

The cutter and collet care kit contains all the essential components to get the best performance and longest life possible out of your router cutters, collets, and routers. This excellent kit includes a mini diamond sharpening stone that is perfect for honing router cutters. This stone can be used with water and a small water bottle is included for this purpose. 

  Care kit for router bits and router collets  

This set also includes four differently sized brass brushes, these are ideal for cleaning the corresponding collet sizes to remove and debris from bores and slots. The brushes are sized at ¼", 8mm, ⅜", and ½". For lubricating, unjamming, freeing sticky mechanisms, and protecting against rust, there is a 60ml can of Rust Buster, and a 60ml can of Trendicote PTFE dry lubricant spray that reduces the build up of dirt and resin, and reduces friction, on cutters, jigs, and machine tables. Finally, this kit also includes a comprehensive booklet for full details on storage, care, and honing of router cutters. 


Diamond stone accessories


Trend's Diamond sharpening range of stones also includes a variety of accessories, to improve the sharpening experience.

  bevel guide for sharpening stones  

Diamond stone honing guide 

This guide is used with a diamond whetstone to ensure the correct bevel edge can be maintained on plane blades and chisels when they are being sharpened. The guide comprises of the clamping guide and setting device, which is preset at 25, 30, 35, and 40 degrees. For use with bench stones and workshop stones 2½" x 7" (63mm x 178mm), and with chisels from  ⅜" - 1-¼" (10mm - 32mm) and plane blades up to 2⅜" (60.3mm), with a maximum tool thickness of 7mm. This guide cannot be used with Firmer chisels or Butt chisels (shorter bladed chisels). The honing guide body and setting device can also be purchased separately as spares.

  Bench stone holder for sharpening stones  

Heavy duty bench stone holder

This stone holder has an adjustable clamp for use with bench stones from 6" to 8", and will also be compatible with most oil stones up to 8". Extra support is provided by the central rubber block.

  honing and polishing kit for sharpened tools  

Diamond Honing past kit

The honing kit comprises of a leather strop and a 100gm compound bar of honing paste for use with plane blades and chisels. This kit is perfect for producing a highly polished edge on sharpened tools. The leather strop and the honing paste are also available to purchase separately. 

  non-slip mats for sharpening stones  

Non-slip mats

Trend produce high-quality non-slip mats for 7" and 8" bench stones.

  fabric sharpening stone holders  

Fabric tool holders and pouches

Trend also produce stone holders for storage and easy transport. Fabric tool holders are available for 5" pocket stones and 7" bench stones. A fabric pouch for 8" worktop stones is also available. 

  cleaning block for diamond sharpening stones  

Cleaning block

The Trend diamond stone cleaning block is designed for use with all diamond sharpening stones. The stone should be dry before using the cleaning block to remove any debris.


Lapping fluid

  Lapping fluid for diamond sharpening stones  

Lapping fluid is a petroleum lubricant, specifically designed for use with diamond abrasives within the engineering industry, where it has been being used for over 30 years. This technology has been adopted by Trend for their own lapping fluid, which reduces clogging and residue build-up, improves the diamonds performance, provides superior lubrication, and reduces the chance of rusting by 95% compared to using water with diamond stones. Lapping fluid is available in bottles of 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml.

      diamond sharpening tools     
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