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Diamond sharpening stones

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What are sharpening stones?

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Sharpening stones are tools used to sharpen or hone the edge of a blade, or similar sharp-edged tool. They are most commonly used with steel tools. Sharpening stones are often referred to as whetstones, water stones, or oil stones, although these names can also refer to specific types of sharpening stones designed for particular uses.


These stones are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and come with various levels of abrasion. Their level of abrasion is relative to the size the grit particles on its surface. Coarse stones have relatively large particles and lower grit numbers. Fine stones have much smaller particles and high grit numbers. Sharpening stone’s grit numbers refer to the number of particles per square centimetre, so, the larger the grit number, the finer the stone.

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What are diamond stones? 

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Diamond stones are actually thin metal plates with tiny industrial diamonds fixed to their face, rather than being real stones. These diamonds are harder than any other type of sharpening stone, natural or synthetic. Diamond stones often have perforated surfaces that capture the waste metal as the tool is sharpened. The main advantages of using diamonds stones over other sharpening stones are that they are particularly quick at sharpening and they retain their flat surface much more easily than stones, which can curve or hollow over time due to the sharpening process. 


Trend diamond sharpening solutions 


Trend provide a comprehensive range of solid diamond whetstones which can be used on a wide range of tools to sharpen, deburr, or hone. Trend work closely with a leading expert in the field of diamond sharpening, James Barry, to design their diamond sharpening products. Trend use diamond stones as they typically achieve an edge in just three or four light strokes and can work up to 98% quicker than traditional stones. It is recommended to hone router cutter edges regularly, before they become blunt, so they work correctly and cut cleanly, and to prevent the need for excessive honing or a professional re-sharpen. 

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The range of diamond sharpening stones available from Trend provide sharpening solutions for a huge variety of different tools, such as chisels, knives, scissors, gardening tools, circular saw blades, axes, and, of course, router cutter bits. TCT and HSS tools can be sharpened and various sharpening accessories can be used to ensure you can keep your tools sharp and precise with perfectly formed angles. As well as sharpening stones, the Trend diamond sharpening solutions range also consists of diamond files and steels, for added versatility with garden, domestic, and kitchen applications.

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Monocrystalline diamonds


Trend aim to produce the highest quality products, which is why they use monocrystalline diamonds for their sharpening stones. Monocrystalline diamonds are single structures which will not break, giving them an exceptional lifespan. These shatter-resistant diamonds are bonded onto a precision ground surface, set in nickel, and electroplated. This process locks the diamonds in place through a complex manufacturing process. Many other brands use polycrystalline diamonds, these are a cheaper alternative which is a fragmented structure that will wear down much faster as they are prone to breaking with use. Also, these diamonds are not electroplated, instead, they are adhered to a surface with a glue that can quickly degenerate and cause the stone to fail. This is why diamond stones vary so much in quality and price.

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Many of the Trend diamond stones are double-sided and have two grit sizes in a single stone. This allows for one stone to complete coarse sharpening on with side and a finer finish with the other. The monocrystalline diamond surface is continuous to prevent smaller tools from snagging. Trend diamond sharpeners utilise complex manufacturing processes for their diamond stones to provide the following advantages:  


The role of diamond stones in sharpening


Diamond stones are not designed to replace traditional sharpening stones, sandpaper, grinders, or any other abrasives. Instead, they are designed to work with these sharpening devices to cover all your sharpening needs, while maintaining their own place with some specific advantages. 


Speed – This hard material is super effective, providing the most efficient sharpening abrasive. Trend diamond stones cut up to 98% faster than traditional methods.

Easy to use – Only requires light pressure to produce an edge in seconds. These stones are also easy to maintain.

Versatility – This range sharpens all hard materials including high speed steel and tungsten carbide. The variety of different sizes and shapes of sharpener means almost any tool can be sharpened.

Durability – Surfaces stay flat and each product has a long life. Trend’s diamond products should last over ten years if maintained, even when used professionally and daily. 

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      Wonkee Donkee says "Buy top quality sharpening stones for longer lasting products and the best results. Users of Trend diamond sharpening products include Rolls Royce & Bristish Aerospace as they have confidence in their characteristic."  
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