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What are router cutters for drilling?

  router drilling  

Drilling router bits are designed for use with plunge routers, and can be used to perform the same tasks as some varieties of drill bit. 



  router cutters for drilling from Trend  


Drilling router cutters predominantly use a two-flute design for a reasonably neat cut. Plug cutters are an exception, however, and use a four cutter configuration. 

  Drilling with a router - Trend UK routing equipment  

Bottom cut

All drilling router cutters are bottom cut - they would not be able to drill holes otherwise! However, none of them are suitable for routing, as they are not designed to move around while cutting. This could easily break your bit.

  Drilling router accessories - Trend UK router bits for drilling  


Drilling router cutters do not require guides, as they are held in place by the router itself. As they are drilling in one spot, there is no need for them to move around.



  Router cutters for drilling applications  

The types of bit, or cutter, that are available for use with routers are mainly geared towards wood joinery. Even within these guidelines, each type of bit has its own specific use.


Rangesrouter drilling

Drilling router cutters are available in the following Trend ranges: 


  The TREND Professional TCT router cutter range    
  The TREND Professional HSS router cutter range    
  The TREND Craft Pro router cutter range    
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