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What are the different clamping

systems and accessories from Trend?

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Varijig clamp guides

  Varijig clamping guide for guiding saws and routers in straight lines  

The Trend Varijig clamping guides are straight, self-clamping guides for accurately guiding routers, jigsaws, and saws. The extrusion has a low profile of just 16mm with two full-length T-slots. The sliding scale has metric and imperial markings for the setting of lengths and stop positions. The standard Varijig clamping guides are available in three sizes, 24” (610mm), 36” (915mm), and 50” (1270mm).   

  Varijig clamping guide Pro from Trend UK for guiding saws and routers in straight lines  

Varijig clamp guide Pro

The Pro version of the Varijig clamp guide is extra wide, at 5” (127mm), this allows for four T-slots to run across its length. This clamp is also particularly long, at 8 foot (2.44 metres).


Varijig clamp guide accessories   


There are a range of accessories available for Trend’s Varijig clamp guides

  router base plate for varijig clamp guides from Trend  

Varijig clamp guide router base plate 

This accessory is for using a plunge router with the clamp guide, and it fits all Varijig clamp guides. It’s made of clear plastic for better visibility and engages with the T-slot on the guide for extra control. It also includes an adjustable guide bar, operated with the supplied hex key that allows for perfect tracking. This plate needs to be drilled to fit a router.  

  adjustable stop for varijig clamp guide  

Varijig clamp guide adjustable guide stop   

This guide stop can be fixed in any position along the length of the Varijig clamp guide to limit the travel of the tool being guided to a set position from an edge. It has two locking knobs which fix it in place securely. Stopped housings and grooves can also be produced when the bridge guide stop is removed and just the short rail is used. This stop will also fit the Varijig frame system. It’s perfect for when repetitive grooves need to be achieved.   

  saw base plate for varijig clamp guide from Trend  

Varijig clamp guide saw base plate 

This base plate is a circular saw accessory. It engages with the Varijig clamp guide’s t-slot and has an adjustable guide bar for precise tracking. This plate needs to be drilled to fix to a circular saw.Shop for clamp guides for power tools

  stop block for Trend varijig clamp guide  

Varijig clamp guide stop block   

This adjustable end block locks in place to limit the travel of the tool being guided. This can also be used with the Varijig frame system.   

  squaring attachment for the Trend varijig clamp guide  

Varijig clamp guide squaring attachment 

This accessory enables the Varijig clamp guide to be squared up precisely. So it can be used as a clamping T-square. The front edge is serrated for extra grip and it fixes in place with two screws.

  handle extension for the varijig clamp guide from trend  

Varijig clamp guide handle extension 

This extension handle provides more leverage when operating the clamp, particularly useful when more clamping pressure is required. It increases the length of the lever by 134mm (5¼”).

  wide jaw for Trend's varijig clamp guide  

Varijig clamp guide wide jaw kit

This kit is designed to minimise any clamping marks by distributing the pressure more evenly across the workpiece. The jaw width can be increased further by fitting a baton to the built-in mounting holes. It will also help the clamp guide to be squared up to the workpiece’s edge.

  Trend routing. varijig clamp guide side to side clips  

Varijig clamp guide side to side clips

These clips facilitate two Varijig clamp guides being joined side-by-side for obstruction free clamping of a workpiece to a work bench by fixing one guide to the bench and placing the second guide upside down so it can grip the workpiece. This pack includes six clips so three pairs of clamp guides can be joined if necessary.

  back to back clips for varijig clamp guides from trend uk  

Varijig clamp guide back to back clips

These clips allow for two Varijig clamp guides to be joined back-to-back to raise the clamps profile by 32mm for full edge moulding work. This also allows for large panels to be clamped. Eight clips are included, and four or six will be required for each pair of clamp guides, depending on the length of guides being used.

  feather board from Trend for varijig clamp guides  

Varijig clamp guide featherboard

This finger pressure feather board attaches to the clamp guide so it can then be used on a router table top to increase the horizontal pressure you can apply, which makes for safer routing when using the guide with a table.

  kit to fit t11 router to varijig clamp guide. trend routing  

T11 Varijig clamp guide fixing kit

This kit allows for the T11 router to be fitted onto the Varijig clamp guides with an alloy bracket that attached to the base of the T11. The adjustment facility moves the router closer or further away from the clamp guide to allow for wider slots, grooves, and trenches to be routed. This kit comprises of an alloy bracket, fixing kit, and plastic slider.

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Other clamping systems   

  bar clamp spreader from trend  

Bar Clamp Spreaders

These versatile clamp systems are easily converted from a clamp to a spreader and are designed for one hand use. They have a heavy-duty internal mechanism that provides a clamping pressure of 112kg. The body is a precision engineered carbon steel bar that provides consistent, rigid support. It has thermal plastic rubber jaw pads and ergonomically designed handles with thermal plastic rubber inserts for non-slip and comfort. 

  bar clamp spreader from Trend UK for clamping and spreading  

These clamp spreaders are available in four sizes:

6" Max opening of 152 mm (6 inch)  Spreading capacity from 170 mm (6 3/4 inch) to 355 mm (14 inch)  

12" Max opening of 305 mm (12 inch)  Spreading capacity from 170 mm (6 3/4 inch) to 508 mm (20 inch)

24" Max opening of 610 mm (24 inch)  Spreading capacity from 170 mm (6 3/4 inch) to 812 mm (32 inch)      

36" Max opening of 915 mm (36 inch)  Spreading capacity from 170 mm (6 3/4 inch) to 1118 mm (44 inch)

  bar clamp with spreading function  

Bar clamp spreaders replacement parts   

You can buy replacement fixing bolts that unscrew to convert the tool between spreader and clamp, as well as replacement soft jaw pads, in case they wear down.

  f clamps are heavy duty clamps from Trend UK for various clamping tasks  

Heavy duty F clamps

These tough F-style clamps are quick action and suitable for a range of clamping applications. They consist of a zinc plated steel bar and a head and jaw made from cast steel. The jaw has a ball joint swivel clamp function and removable pads which reduce clamping marks and provide grip. They all have a throat depth of 100mm (4") and come in three sizes of maximum opening - 200mm (8"), 300mm (12"), and 500mm (20").

  replacement parts for Trends F clamps  

F clamp replacement parts

The soft grip pads on the jaws are available to buy separately if they need to be replaced. This includes the sliding jaw pad and the fixed jaw pad.

  Toggle clamp  

Toggle clamps   

Trend's range of toggle clamps include professional and hobbyist toggle clamps, as well as a push-pull toggle clamp. Toggle clamps are quick and easy ways to clamp workpieces to jigs or machine surfaces. CraftPro toggle clamps are economy clamps designed for DIY and hobby tasks. They have a maximum force of 150kg and an overall length of 160mm. These clamps can be bought separately or in pairs.

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The professional range of toggle clamps consists of three differently sized clamps. The largest has an overall length of 205mm with a force of up to 250kg, the medium size is 160mm with 150kg force, and the small clamp is 105mm long with a force of 75kg. The push-pull toggle clamp is designed to secure a workpiece against a jig backstop. Some spare parts and accessories are available for these toggle clamps, including a mounting plate for the clamps with 150kg force that allows them to be quickly and easily inserted or removed from a worktop.

  Loc blocks for gripping from trend uk  

Loc blocks

Loc blocks from Trend come in sets of four. They are interlocking gripping blocks that are designed to replace clamps by holding a workpiece in place when it's being sanded, drilled, or finished. They can be used singularly or as a large block when interlocked. The blocks grip both the bench and the workpieces with non-slip, anti-vibration, non-marring pads. They facilitate easy access to the edges of workpieces by lifting them from the bench surface by 25mm. They can be used when routing as long as extra care is taken to prevent the material from tilting.

  Non-slip mats for holding work pieces in wood working  

Non-slip mats

Two types of non-slip mat are available for woodworking from Trend. One mat has a self-adhesive backing which is ideal for refurbishing pushblocks or adding a lining to drawers in workshop tool chests. It comes in 300mm square sheets, but can be cut to size. 


The other mat available is 610mm x 1220mm. It is made of a specially formulated PVC that's designed to hold workpieces in place without the need for clamps, and is ideal for hand planing and sanding. 

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