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Wonkee Donkee's top tips for Trend router bits

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Following these 3 simple rules will help you ensure that your router bits last longer and cut more efficiently.


You’ll waste less material as a result of mistakes caused by poorly performing bits, and less time trying to correct those mistakes:

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1. Buy good-quality router bits or cutters


2. Maintain and store them correctly


3. Always use the right router cutter for the job - different types, shapes, and sizes of cutter can effect what t can be used for, as does the material its made of. Check the specifications of individual cutters for details of what it's designed for

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Wonkee Donkee's top tips for

spotting a good-quality router cutter

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For all the contradictions and conflictions amongst tool users, it seems there is one thing that most will agree on: “You can have all the experience and knowledge in the world, and the best router money can buy, but a poor-quality router bit will be the downfall of your whole project.”


A good quality router cutter should cut cleanly and stay sharp for longer. But how do you know what to look out for? Wonkee Donkee has the following tips to help you identify a top quality router bit.

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Despite what some people may say, the price is not always an indication of quality. Purchasing the most expensive cutter doesn't necessarily ensure you have the highest quality one. But, the cheapest ones are likely to be low in quality.


We recommend that you judge the cutter according to our suggestions below and look for a brand with a good reputation. Wonkee Donkee Trend only supply Trend routing products because of their quality and reputation. Trend router cutters are priced according to their expected performance and the materials they have been made of.



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You want a bit that has been ground well - Trend router bits are all precision ground.


All surfaces should be smooth, with no chips or grinding marks of any kind. Any cuts or nicks in the bit will gather dirt, dust or resins when working, throwing the bit out of balance and slowing it down, which could shorten the life of the bit or ruin your work. Abrasions such as these are usually the result of poor manufacture or careless handling, so check the bit thoroughly before you purchase.


Is it sharp?

Spiral router Bit for routing and woodworking

A top quality router bit should be sharp and ready to use. Trend package all router bits to ensure you receive them in the best possible condition. They use their extensive routing and woodworking knowledge to produce tools with expertly ground edges. All Trend products are produced to the highest possible specifications. 


Here’s a tip

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If the bit is carbide-tipped (tungsten carbide has been brazed onto the cutting edges), this needs to be done properly.


Inspect the joint between the cutting edge and the body of the bit and look for any cracks, gaps or bubbles which may indicate shoddy brazing. These will collect dust and waste material and suggest the bit will be more susceptible to breakages in the future.


Thicker edges

  Highlighted Thicker edges on a Carbide Tipped Bit  

When purchasing a tungsten carbide-tipped bit for routing, you should also look at how thick the carbide edges are. The thicker the cutting edges, the more times that bit can be sharpened. Most of Trend's cutters are designed to be honed or sharpened a number of times for longer life.


Thicker carbide also offers more support to the edges when working.

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Check the guide

  Dust shield and guide bearing on a bit  

If the router cutter has a guide bearing, ensure that there is a dust shield between the bearing and the bit. This shield usually comes in the form of a rubber or plastic ring which helps to protect the bearing from any debris, keeping it clean and turning smoothly.


Guide pins won't have a shield, but should be solidly joined to the body of the cutter and can be cleaned, unlike the bearings which must not be cleaned.


Buy from a reputable manufacturer

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If you can't examine the router cutter before you purchase it, then you can at least buy from a trustworthy manufacturer. A reliable manufacturer will have extensive and readily available product knowledge as well as the guarantee of technical support and after-sales care. Wonkee Donkee Trend supply only Trend routing products because of their excellent reputation, but if you have any questions just contact us.


Anti-kickback design

  View from above, wings and cutting edges highlighted  

Anti-kickback router bits have a special design which prevents them cutting too deeply into a material and kicking back.


Cutters with anti-kickback have flutes with a rounded chip limiting design. They limit the depth to which they can cut and reduce the chance of kickback.
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