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What drill router cutter

sizes are available?

  router drilling      

The different types of drilling cutters are available in various sizes.   


Dowel drill sizes 


Diameter of dowel drill cutters

  Router cutters for making dowelled joints  

The diameter of the cutting edges is measured across their widest point, through the centre. This is the diameter of hole that the bit will bore.


Dowel drill router cutters are generally available with diameters ranging from 4.8mm to 10mm.


Length of cutting edge of dowel drill cutters

  Dowel hole cutters from Trend for routers  

This is the measurement along the full length of the router cutter. It tells you how deep a hole it can drill.


Dowel drills are available in lengths of 14mm,  27mm, or 35mm.


What size dowel drill should you choose?router drilling

  Choose a dowel drill router cutter with the same diameter as the dowel you want to insert into your workpiece  

Diameter of dowel

Your dowel drill router bit must match the diameter of your dowel. If it's too wide, the dowel will fit too loosely to support the joint. If it's too narrow, the dowel won't fit. Check out the range of different dowel cutters from the CraftPro and Professional TCT ranges.

  Router cutters for drilling  

Depth of hole required

Usually, even the cutting length of 27mm should be sufficient to create a hole for a dowel joint. However, it's always worth pre-measuring, just in case you need a 35mm bit. Smaller stock can be joined with 14mm dowels.


Counterbore and countersink cutter sizes 

  Countersink and counterbore drilling  

Countersinks and counterbores, or drill counterbores, are measured to indicate the width of the screw hole they bore, as well as the width of the countersunk or counterbored opening at its mouth, as indicated below:


Drill diameter of counterbore and countersink cutters

  Router cutters from Trend uk  

This is the diameter of the drill bit portion of the cutter, which drills a hole for a screw. 


Cutters are available with drill diameters between 4.8 and 6.3mm.


Countersink or counterbore diameter of counterbore and countersink cutters

  Router cutters for drilling countersunk holes for screws  

This measurement is taken across the widest part of the countersink or counterbore, through its centre. This is the size that the opening of your hole will be.


The options available for countersink and counterbore diameters range from 9.5 to 16mm.


Length of cutting edge of counterbore and countersink cutters

  router cutters for counterbore holes  

The total length of the cutting edge, measured from the tip of the cutter to the tip of the countersink or counterbore, tells you how deep the screw hole will be.


All Trend countersink and counterbore cutters have a cutting edge length of 20mm.


Which size countersink and counterbore cutter should you choose? router drilling

  Routing holes for countersunk screws with a drilling bit  

Match screw diameter

The diameter of the drill section of your cutter should match the diameter of your screw.

  Countersink and counterbore screw holes with drilling bits for routers  

Countersink or counterbore?

If your screw has a flat head, you should use a countersink cutter. If it has a socket head, you should use a counterbore cutter.


What pip cutter sizes are available? 


Diameter of pip cutters

  Pip drilling cutters from Trend for routers. Router bits for drilling  

Pip cutter measurements are slightly different to most other router cutters. The diameter of a pip cutter indicates the widest possible measurement across the gap inside the tool's cutting edges. This tells the user what the diameter of the pip will be once cutting is complete.


Pip cutters are available with diameters from 7 to 14mm.


Cutting edge length of pip cutters

  Pip cutters from Trend for drilling machines and router machines  

The maximum depth of cut Trend pip cutters can make is between 8.5mm and 9mm.


Round over height of pip cutters

  decorative pips in woodworking can be produced with pip cutters for routers  

The round over height refers to the height of the pip that can be created by cutting to the maximum depth. They can range from 1.5mm to 5mm.


What size pip cutter should you choose?router drilling

  Decorative woodworking pips. Pip cutters from trend  

As pip cutters produce purely decorative features, the size of pip cutter that you use is your own choice, and can be selected to match individual projects.


What hinge cutter sizes are available? 


Diameter of hinge bits

  Router cutter for drilling recesses for round hinges  

The diameter of a hinge cutter, or machine bit, is defined as the widest distance between its cutting edges.


Trend hinge cutters are available in a selection of sizes to match standard cupboard door hinges and are available in sizes from 25 to 40mm, in increments of 5mm.


Diameter of shank of hinge bits 

  drilling round hinges using a router cutter or router bit  

The router cutters designed to drill recesses for circular hinges come with shanks of either 8mm or 1/2" diameter.

      router drilling  

What size hinge bit should I choose?

  Hinge bit for round hinges from Trend  

Your hinge cutter's diameter should match the diameter of your cabinet hinge. If it's too big, the door won't hang properly, and if it's too small then the hinge won't fit!


What through hole drill cutter sizes are available? 


Diameter of through hole drills

  Drilling through a material using a router cutter for drilling holes  

The diameter of a through hole drill cutter is measured across the widest point of the cross section of the tool's body, through the centre.


Through hole drill cutters are produced in a small selection of sizes and are available with diameters from 5 to 10mm.


Cutting edge length of through hole drills

  drilling router bits from Trend uk  

The through hole drill bits available from Trend have cutting edges which are 37mm or 39mm long. They can be used to drill slightly deeper holes than this as the shank is equal diameter to the cutting tip. The overall length of these bits is 69mm.


What size through hole drill cutter do you need?

  Routers can be used to drill through materials. Router bits from Trend   This depends on the type of project you are doing, but usually, you will be matching the size of your hole to the diameter of the body of a screw. This allows the thread to bite into the material and hold it securely in place.Through Hole Drills  
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