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What are ogee router cutters?

  ogee cutters  
  Different types of ogee router cutter  

Ogee cutters are one of the most popular types of traditional decorative moulding cutter. 


They have sides made up of two curves: one convex and one concave, and are designed to produce the ogee profile in the surface or on the edges of materials.

  Ogee arch in architecture - ogee router cutters cut a ogee profile in materials  

An ogee refers to an S-shaped contour. Two ogees placed opposite one another form what's known as an ‘ogee arch’. This shape is very common in architecture.


An ogee router cutter with a guide can cut an ogee on the edge of materials. One without a guide can produce an ogee arch across the face of materials



  A two-fluted ogee router cutter  


Most ogee router cutters have two flutes and so should produce a reasonably clean finish.


For more information, see:  What are the parts of a Trend router cutter?

  Image to show that some ogee router cutters have the bottom cut facility  

Bottom cut

Some ogee cutters have cutting edges that extend across the base, allowing them to be used in a plunge router to cut grooves in the surface of materials.


Models without a central tip must enter the material from the edge. 

  Image to show that some ogee router cutters have tip-mounted guides  


Some models of ogee cutter have a bearing guide located beneath the cutting edges; others do not have a guide at all. 


Applicationsogee cutters

Below are some of the most common applications for which ogee router cutters are used. 

  Image showing the type of decorative work that can be done with an ogee router cutter  

Furniture embellishments

Ogee cutters are commonly used to embellish the surface of materials. Examples include the backs of chairs, cupboard doors, and headboards. 

  A cupboard door that has been decorated through the use of an ogee router cutter  

Panel cutting

Ogee cutters are often used in the surface of door or cabinet panels, to give a "raised" appearance. 

  An example of edge moulding on a wooden cabinet created with an ogee router cutter  

Edge moulding

The ogee profile is commonly created on the edges of cabinets, table tops, mirrors and picture frames to create a sophisticated and elegant touch. 



Ogee router cutters are available in the following Trend ranges: 

  The TREND Professional TCT router cutter range    
  The TREND Trade router cutter range    
  The TREND Craft Pro router cutter range    
  The TREND Replacement Tip router cutter range    
      ogee cutters  
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