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What is the Trend Professional range of router bits?

  Routing bits and cutters made by trend  
  Bits made of high speed steel  

The Trend Professional range of router cutters are designed to satisfy the most demanding applications of professional woodworkers, builders, and joiners.


It includes tungsten carbide tipped (TCT), solid tungsten carbide (STC), high speed steel (HSS) router bits. 


Manufacturing processes and materials

  Comparison of TREND's cutter edges using Dnamic technology and competing brands  

Professional TCT router cutters

Professional TCT router cutters are manufactured using D-Namic technology (TREND's specific method of automatic grinding) and feature specially developed micro-granular tungsten carbide tips from the world’s leading carbide manufacturer.

  Softwood, hardwood, plywood, chipboard and MDF  

The tip face is highly ground using advanced automated grinding technology to ensure perfect sharpness, resistance to wear, and a cleaner cut on softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, plywood, and chipboard.


Production is carried out on custom designed and built machines, and continuous laboratory testing during the process aims to give the highest level of accuracy and precision for a woodworking router bit. 

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  Solid tungsten carbide bits for routing  

Professional STC router cutters

Professional STC cutters are turned, milled and ground from a solid piece of tungsten carbide and provide the greatest durability when used under stress load conditions.

  A tapered diamond file for sharpening blades and routing tools  

They also offer better plunge cutting characteristics and many more re-sharpenings compared with tungsten carbide tipped router cutters.


Furthermore, a harder grade of carbide is used as the tool is not being brazed.

  A solid tungsten carbide rasp in use on glass reinforced plastic  

Professional STC cutters have similar applications to TCT grade cutters, and STC rasps can also be used on glass reinforced plastic (GRP).

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  High speed steel cutters  

Professional HSS router cutters 

HSS Professional router cutters are turned and milled from a single piece of high speed steel. They are designed for softwoods, but there are speciality window industry cutters for alloy and plastic extrusions.

  A selection of softwoods - the material that HSS bits are best suited to routing  

HSS Professional cutters are ground with a very fine edge for superior cuts in softwoods. 

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Cutter characteristics

Some cutters within the Professional range have special characteristics:

  Tungsten carbide tipped bit for shaping wood  

Professional TCT router cutters

  • Straight cutters feature radial ground clearance for greater support to the cutting edge

  • All straight cutters over 9.5mm (⅜") diameter have a TCT central tip for plunge cutting

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