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Usage guide for Trend diamond sharpening products

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Diamond Sharpening products need to be used with a good quality lubricant to ensure the diamond surface stays clear of any residue build-up and prevent clogging. Trend have developed their own lapping fluid which is designed specifically for use with diamond abrasives. This lapping fluid, when used alongside the cleaning block, will significantly increase the products life. Trend have such confidence in this lapping fluid that they offer a 3 or 5-year warranty on many of their precision diamond sharpening products when it is used to maintain them, although you should expect them to last much longer than 5 years if you maintain them correctly. 


Lapping fluid has been used in the Engineering Industry for over 35 years with diamond abrasives. Lapping fluid is petroleum based, so unlike water or water-based lubricants, it prevents rusting from occurring. Diamond Whetstones are electroplated onto porous nickel which can rust if moisture is left on it. Also, metal residue deposited when sharpening can also cause rust spots. Lapping fluid will dry quickly even if it is mistakenly left on the whetstone. Lapping fluid is also the ideal consistency for diamond stone, as most other lubricants will be too thick and will reduce the effectiveness of the abrasive surface.

  Lapping fluid lubricant for diamond stones  

Usage chart


Below is a simple reference sheet to guide you with which stones you can use to sharpen various different tools. The comprehensive range of diamond sharpening products from Trend should be able to provide you with quality sharpening products for most applications. 

  Sharpening guide for diamond sharpening stones from Trend - Trend diamond sharpening stones, cards, and files are produced with Trend's extensive knowledge and their exceptional standards, so you know the products are all the best quality. Wonkee Donkee Trend provide quality products at the best prices.  
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