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What are the different types & sizes

of burrs and rasps?

  burrs and rasps fro routers  

The names of individual burrs and rasps refer to their shape. Different shapes can be used for various carving and grinding tasks. Most shapes of burrs are available in standard sizes as well as mini, the exceptions being countersink burrs, but these are available in three different sizes, and the flame burr, which is only available in a mini size.  


Ball end burrs

  Ball end burrs  

The ball end burrs have a spherical body.


Bullnose burrs

  Bullnose burs for routers  

Bullnose burrs have a body with straight edges and a rounded tip. 


Countersink burrs

  countersink burrs  

Countersink burrs have cone-shaped bodies for shaping drilled holes to countersink screws or bolts. 

      burrs and rasps fro routers  

Cylinder burrs

  cylinder burrs  

Straight burrs which don't have a bottom cut facility are known as cylinder burrs.   


Flame burrs

  Flame burrs  

Flame, or engraving, burrs have a much thinner, and usually longer, cone shape than countersink burrs.



  Rasps from Trend for routers  

Rasps are shaped like cylinder burrs, but with crossover flutes.


Tree burrs

  Tree burrs for routers  

Tree burrs have a cone-shaped body with slightly rounded, rather than straight, sides. 


What burr and rasp

sizes are available?


Burrs and rasps from Trend are available in a range of standard sizes and mini sizes. burrs and rasps fro routers


Standard rasp and burr sizes


Shank diameter of standard burrs and rasps

  shank diameter  

Standard rasps and burrs are available with shanks that are 6mm or ¼" in diameter. 


Diameter of standard burrs and rasps

  rasp and burr diameter  

The bodies of rasps and burrs have diameters which are usually 10mm. Countersink burrs have diameters ranging from 10mm to 16mm and rasps are available with diameters of 6.3mm or 12.7mm.


Cutting edge length of standard burrs and rasps

  Rasp and burr cutting edge  

The length of burr and rasp's bodies is usually 10mm or 20mm. Countersink burrs have cutting edges which are either 10mm, 13mm, or 16mm long and rasps have cutting edges or 19mm or 20mm. 


Mini rasp and burr sizes


Shank diameter of mini burrs and rasps 

  shank diameter  

All mini burrs and rasps have shank diameters of 3mm.


Diameter of mini burrs and rasps 

  burr diameter  

Mini burrs and rasps have bodies which are 3mm or 6mm in diameter.  


Cutting edge length of mini burrs and rasps 

  burr and rasps from Trend  

Most mini burrs and rasps have cutting edges which are 12mm in length. One of the bullnose burrs has a cutting edge which is 13mm and the ball end burr's edge is just 6mm long.

      burrs and rasps fro routers  
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