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Folding flush saw (pull saw)

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Pull saws are specifically designed to make a cut on the pull stroke, rather than the push stroke. Pull saws typically have thinner blades than other hand saws, this makes them particularly suited to making precise cuts and following marked lines. The action of cutting on the pull should also mean the strokes are more controlled for delicate and accurate sawing.


Trend flush saw

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Trend have developed a precision flush pull saw designed specifically for accurately cutting plugs, dovetails, and dowels so they lie flush to a surface. The flexible blade is 120mm long and just 0.4mm thick with a 0.4mm kerf, and made of a high-quality high carbon steel that’s manufactured in Japan. The teeth are non-set, this keeps cuts flush and minimises any damage or markings on the wood surface.  They are an excellent addition to any cutter’s or woodworker’s tool kit. 

  Trend flush saw. A thin bladed pull saw from Trend UK  

The blade has a fine electroless plated, polished finish with an impulse hardened edge for a longer life, and with 22 teeth per inch (TPI), they produce a smooth cut. The blade is replaceable and available as a spare part. The handle is made of a soft touch elastomer-plastic for comfort and grip, with a hanging hole for easy storage. This saw folds to 155mm, which makes them easy to carry and protects the blade edge. 

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