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What measuring and marking equipment is available from Trend?

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  angle finder from Trend  

Successful woodworking projects rely on good preparation, and accurately marking and measuring  parts is crucial. Trend have taken their extensive knowledge and used it to create a reliable range of high-quality equipment to assist with almost any marking or measuring application. So, whether it’s precise angles, perfect circles, straight lines, or other measurements and marks you need, Trend should have a tool that will produce accurate results each time.


Digital angle finder

  digital angle finder from Trend 200mm 8inch  

Trend's digital angle finder  is a lightweight but sturdy tool that's made of aluminium. The folding blade is 50mm wide and has both metric and imperial scales, as well as a locking function that can be used to retain the last measurement when it's used in ABS mode. It can be used to calculate angles from 0 degrees to 220 degrees, but can reach angles up to 360 degrees when the locking knob has been removed. The integrated spirit level vial means it can also be used like a standard spirit level.


It can easily be used to measure inside and outside angles with a large digital LCD display that shows the precise angles with an accuracy of 0.15 degrees. This digital angle finder is 8" (220mm) with a large butting edge on the arm with the digital display for better stability and control. For longer battery life, the LCD will automatically switch off after 5 minutes. The 3v CR2032 battery  is also available as a spare and is easy to change.

  digital angle finder with imperial and metric scales  
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Digital angle rules

  digital angle rule for accurate angle finding  

Trend's digital angle rules are available in sizes of 7" (200mm)  and 18 ½” (500mm) . They are designed for making quick and accurate calculations of angles and are ideal for various applications, including machining, construction, and woodworking. They can measure angles ranging from 000.0 degrees to 360 degrees to an accuracy of 0.3 degrees. 


The easy to read LCD display will shut down automatically after 6 minutes to prolong the battery life and the 3v CR2032 battery  is easily replaceable. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel with metric and imperial scales etched on. These rules also have a locking function for retaining angles, and inside and outside angles can easily be calculated. An optional fabric tool holder  for the 7" rule has a belt loop and a quick release carry strap, as well as a pocket for spare batteries. It is the ideal way to keep the rule close at hand while on site.

  rulers with digital angle finders  

Anglefix™ mitre guide

  anglefix mitre guide  

This mitre guide  is specifically designed to help you produce perfect mitred corners every time. It will automatically half the angle with a metal flag, so you can achieve the correct cutting angle easily. It's ideal for use with snip-off saws and hand mitre saws. It's perfectly suited to assist with cutting accurate angles in framing, architrave, beading, and skirting (not for use with tall skirting).

  mitre guide for cutting perfect mitres  


  t-square from Trend  

This T-square  allows you to instantly mark out, square off, and set up jigs, as well as other squaring tasks. It has a quality solid laminate construction with a tapered blade and bevelled guiding edge that makes it easier to use. The blade length is 645mm with a 280mm butt.

  t-square for woodworking  

Point to point

  Point to point layout tool from Trend  

Trend's Point to point  is a multi-point tool for marking the equally spaced layout of things such as pins, dowels, and screws in woodworking, as well as other layout tasks, such as arts and crafts, DIY, and sewing. It extends from 85mm to 710mm with seven marking positions equally spaced, this equal spacing is maintained for whatever length you set the tool at. It ensures that layout tasks can be completed easily, accurately, and quickly. 


The Point 2 point can also be used as a centre finder for fast location of board centre points, and as a strip calculator for working out the maximum number of strips that can be cut from a single board. It is easily set in position with pinch bolts that can be lightly tightened to maintain a specific setting. It's designed for left and right handed users, it's very versatile, and durable.

  Point to point layout tool for woodworking  

Digital depth gauges

  depth gauge for routing and saw blades  

Depth gauge

Trend's standard depth gauge  is perfect for accurately setting sawblades, and the height of router cutters in hand-held routers and router tables, making it a handy woodworking tool. The metal rule depth gauge can perform vertical and horizontal measuring and has both metric and imperial scales. It has a 60mm aperture and a measuring range of 80mm, accurate to 0.5mm. The U section is injection moulded with a unique cam lock for retaining measurements. For use with router tables, it is self-standing and has a low profile for adjusting back fences.


Digital depth gauge

For even more accurate measuring, you can choose the digital depth gauge , with a readout accuracy of +/- 0.1mm. This tool is also ideal for use with setting router cutter height in hand-held routers and router tables, as well as saws in benches, as it can measure horizontally and vertically. The magnetic feet gives it a sturdy self-standing feature. It has an 80mm measuring range and a 60mm wide aperture. The rule has metric and imperial scales, and an LCD screen to display fractions to minimise error. The LCD display has a shut off function to prolong the battery life, but the battery can be easily replaced if necessary with a 3v CR2032 battery . For measuring hole depth up to 50.8mm, there is a removable pin.

  digital depth gauge  
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Flat lying trammel set

  flat trammel for accuracy  

This complete flat lying trammel set  is perfect for marking or cutting arcs and circles. The low centre of gravity provided by the flat lying design makes them more stable than traditional trammels and compasses. The two flat-lying heads can be easily fitted to an aluminium or steel ruler (minimum of 150mm (6”), up to 50mm wide). 


Alternatively, it can be fitted to a bladed square for marking parallel lines. This set comprises of two trammel heads with pinch bolts for fixing to square or rule blades, a pencil, a carbon steel point, and blade post, as well as spare hyperfine blades. These marking, scribing, and cutting components can easily be interchanged for different tasks, and a hex key is included for changing the blade in the blade post. (Tri square and rule are not included with this product.)      

  trammel for woodworking from Trend  

Digital level box

  digital level box from wonkee donkee trend  

This handy digital level  comes in the form of a small box that’s easy to carry and will easily find the angle on a surface accurately. It’s ideal for use with mitre and table saws as it features a magnetic base for hands-free use on the saw blades. It will gauge relative and absolute measurements to an accuracy of +/- 0.2 degrees for all angles with its special sensor technology and absolute level sensor. The working range of the angle measurement is 4 x 90°. 


This level has an automatic LCD with a large backlight, so it’s easy to read the angle and it has an automatic digital inversion for overhead measurements. It also features a zero button to determine the angle change from initial and an auto shutdown after 5 minutes, to preserve the battery life. It comes complete with an AAA battery and a handy fabric storage pouch with a belt loop, so you can easily carry it with you. 

  digital level box from Wonkee Donkee Trend  

Perfect butt scribing tool

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  Perfect butt scribing tool from Trend  

This set of wheeled butt scribes s allows you to complete traditional scribing chores easily, quickly, and precisely. It can be used to scribe directly onto work surfaces such as tilling, shelves and flooring. The set includes a tool body and a pencil, along with five differently sized wheels, one of which is capped. This selection means the tool can cater for various applications of scribing for a range of different shapes to create perfect butts.




The Easyscribe  is a handheld scribing tool with an offset pencil and extendable plate. It's ideal for performing an array of scribing tasks with things such as frames, architrave offset, marking out hinge recesses, scribing doors to frames and many other tasks. It holds thin graphite leads to produce a line just 0.7mm wide, for accuracy, and the guide plate is just 0.5mm thick. The guide plate extends up to 50mm for use in small gaps and narrow spaces.The graphite leads can also be purchased as spares in packs of ten .

  easyscribe tool for scribing  


  Multiscribe - multi function measuring and marking tool from Trend UK  

Trend's Multiscribe  is an exceptionally versatile tool, with 15 functions for a huge variety of marking out applications. It is an ideal trade tool, perfect for carpenters, engineers, builders, joiners, and many other trade or DIY tasks. This tool consists of a sliding steel stock that's precision machined to 90 and 45-degree angles and fitted to a slotted steel blade with a 30 degree point at one end. It also has an integrated spirit level vial and pencil sharpener. The stock is easily adjusted to be set in line with the blade or at right angled to it, and locks in place with thumb screws. 


The Multiscribe's functions are:

  • Scribe - With the adjustable stock piece and pointed blade the Multiscribe can be used for scribing parallel or convex lines, and profiles of various shapes, including uneven surfaces. If a metal pencil with a tungsten tip is used, you can even scribe metal work

  • Compass - Circles and arcs of various diameters can be drawn when a pin is inserted through one end of the blade and a pen is fitted into the stock. The stock moves along the blade to set the diameter

  • Square - The block can easily be locked in place at 90 degrees from the blade allowing the tool to be used to mark a line perpendicular to a straight surface with graduations of 5mm and ¼”

  • Plumb bob - The Multiscribe can easily have a line tied to it so it can be used as a plumb bob

  • Spirit level - The adjustable block means that the Multiscribe can be used for standard horizontal levelling and vertical levelling 

  • 45 degree lines - For making mitre cuts in things such as architrave and skirting, or for tasks scoring tiles at 45 degrees, the Multiscribe can be used on most straight or flat surfaces

  • String line and line block - Attaching a string to the Multiscribe means it can be used to determine a straight line between two points

  • Depth gauge - The Multiscribe can be used to set the height of router cutters and saw blades, or just be used to transfer a width or depth of an area for marking or transfer

  • Picture hanging gauge - You can measure and mark the precise point on a wall to be able to hang a picture level

  Multiscribe tool functions - Trend UK multi functioning measuring and marking tool for trade and DIY  
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