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What are solid surface material

router cutters?

  solid Surface Material Cutters  
  Solid Surface Acrylic Based Composite Material eg Corian can be cut with TCT cutters  

These router cutters are designed specifically to cut through solid surface materials, specifically Corian or other similar acrylic based composite materials, which are used in many kitchens and bathrooms, usually fitted on top of MDF or chipboard. Corian is a harder substance than wood or plastic, and cutters used to machine must be carbide tipped, or made from solid carbide. Trend has a range of cutters specially designed to work with these tough materials.



  Solid surface cutters for routing worktop etc  

Solid surface cutters are available in a range of designs, including some specific cutters designed for moulding functional shapes onto worktops and bathroom surfaces (for example, raised edges on bathroom surfaces to retain water). See the next page for more information.

  Bearings guides on solid surface router cutters  


Many solid surface cutters come with tip-mounted bearing guides as they are designed for edge work. A few varieties come with shank-mounted guides. This assists the user with accurate edge routing, and can be used with a template to guarantee consistent results.



  Solid surface cutters for routing worktops  

There are several different types of solid surface cutter available. For details of these and their applications, see the next page .



  The TREND Professional TCT router cutter range  

Solid surface router cutters, specially designed for use with acrylic based composite materials which are used in various residential and commercial applications, are available in the following Trend range, but some other cutters can also be used with these materials:


      solid Surface Material Cutters  
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