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What router bit spares are available?

  Spare parts for woodworking tools  

Trend offer a comprehensive, top-quality, range of accessories and spare parts for use with their own routers and cutters, as well as many which are compatible with other brand's machines and parts.


Bearings for router cutters

  Bearing guides for routing bits  

Bearing guides on router cutters are considered a consumable and, therefore, are likely to need to be replaced occasionally. When a bearing wears down it will not perform to its optimum which will negatively impact any guided cuts you want to make. Bearings should be replaced as soon as they begin to wear to prevent any damage occurring to the router, the cutter, or the workpiece. 


Routing bits from Trend with guiding ball bearings.


You may also require a selection of bearings in various sizes, for making cuts of varying depths. Whatever the reason you need a new bearing for your bit, Trend offer a range of different sizes and types! And, they are available as individual bearings or in packs with 3 or 4 different sizes. Bearing fixing packs are also available.You should always check that you select the correct size of bearing for your cutter and for the depth of cut you want to make.

  A selection of bearing guided bits for routing  

What bearing sizes are available for router bits?

Bearings are usually categorised according to the diameter of its bore, its centre hole, as this needs to be the correct size to fit specific cutters. The most common bore sizes are ½", ¼", and ⅛", for imperial, and, 8mm and 12mm for metric sizes. Bearings with other sizes of bore are usually categorised separately and include 3/8", 3/16", 3/32", 10mm, and 15mm. 

  Bearing guide sizes for bits  

The overall diameter of the bearing, which controls the depth of cut, and the bearing's thickness should also be stated in its specifications. These are usually marked as dimensions B and C by Trend in the specification of their bearings. 

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Types of bearings available for router cutters

  Rubber shielded bearings offer extra protection from dirt and dust.  

Rubber shielded bearings

Standard bearings are shielded to prevent any dust getting into them as this can affect the grease within the bearing which, in turn, can dramatically reduce their life expectancy. Rubber shielded bearings offer extra protection from dirt and dust.

  Bearings for bits with plastic sleeves for use with bits used with solid surface materials  

Plastic sleeve bearings

Plastic sleeve bearings are specially designed for use with solid surface cutters. Some of these bearings have tapered edges.

  packs of bearings for bits - routing spare parts  

Bearing packs and multi-bearing packs

Multi-bearing packs contain a range of bearing which are all the same size. These are recommended for production applications and will save you money on individual bearing prices. Other bearing packs contain a range of differently sized bearings, for making various depths of cut with the same cutter.

  Bearing fixing packs and many other spare parts are available  

Bearing accessories for router cutters

Also available from Trend, are various individual parts used for fitting bearings onto cutters. These include circlips, hex keys, retaining collars, washers, and screws for individual bearings and cutters. Packs which contain all the different spare parts needed for individual bearings are also available, called bearing fixing packs. This means you should be able to find replacements for whichever parts you're looking for.


Router cutter spare parts

  Cutter spare parts from Trend uk. best prices for Trend router products  

For router bits with interchangeable or replaceable parts, you will find these parts are available to purchase individually, such as extra spacers, replacement blades, and various nuts. These include parts for profile scriber sets, rosette drilling tools, and other Trend cutters. Just browse our spares page, or search for a specific part number to find the parts you need.

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