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How to use a beading router cutter

  bead cutters     

A beading router cutter can usually be used in a hand-held router or a table-mounted one, but always check the specification of individual bits as larger ones must only be used in a router table.


Table routing

  Beading with Decorative Edges  

Beads are usually used in the form of long strips of wood with decorative edges.

  Material cut into strips  

If you're using a router table, it's best to saw your material into strips and then route along the edge.

  Table mounted router with push sticks  

This is because a table-mounted router is better able to support the narrow strips of material.


Make sure you use push sticks to feed the material into the bit.


Hand-held routing 

  Route along the edge of board into strips  

If you're using a hand-held router, it is best to route along the edge of your board and then cut it up into strips.

  Hand held Router with a wide board  

This is because the wide board is better able to support the large base of the router.

  Cutting with a Guide Bearing  

Most beading bits come with a guide bearing located beneath the body of the bit.


When working, the non-cutting guide bearing rides along the edge of your workpiece, keeping the bit cutting to a consistent depth.

  Even Cut along an edge  

This will ensure that an even cut is produced all along your edge. If your material is very thin, you can secure a second piece of material for the bearing to ride along.

      sunk bead cutters  
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