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What is the Trend Trade range of router bits?

  Woodworking tools - routing bits  
  router bits for tradesmen and professional woodworkers  

Tungsten carbide tipped Trade router cutters are a specifically chosen range of tools aimed at the particular needs of the tradesperson.


Manufacturing processes and materials 

  Trade bits with PTFE coating to prevent resin build up on the blades  

TCT trade router cutters have micro-granular tungsten carbide tips with a highly ground face for a superior finish on softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, plywood, and chipboard.


They also have a PTFE non-stick coating to minimise resin and heat build-up, especially useful when routing softwoods that have lots of resin to ensure a longer life for your cutting tool.


Cutter characteristics

  Router bit with their dimensions etched on the shank  
  • All TCT Trade router bits have extra-long shanks and etched dimensions on the shank for quick identification

  • All straight router bits have the bottom cut facility

  Plastic storage tube used for bits from Trend  
  • All cutters are supplied with practical plastic tube storage cases to provide excellent protection

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