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What are the different types of Wonkee Donkee Trend router bit sets?

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  A kitchen fitter's cutter set in a heavy duty storage case  

Trend offer several router bit, or cutter sets which have been designed with specific users or applications in mind and will work out less expensive than if you were to buy the bits individually. 


Kitchen fitter's router bit sets

  Examples of different sizes of kitchen fitter's bit sets  

There are three, four and five piece cutter sets which are designed for kitchen fitting applications such as cutting, trimming and joining kitchen worktops.


These sets usually contain several tungsten carbide tipped straight cutters for abrasive materials such as chipboard, MDF, plywood and hardwoods.

  A biscuit jointing bit for creating joints in worktops  

Some sets also include trimming router bits for cutting back excess laminate, and biscuit jointing cutters for connecting worktops using biscuit joints. These cutters often have two flutes to give a clean finish to edges.


Some kitchen fitters cutter sets are supplied in a heavy duty storage case.


Starter router bit sets

  A TREND starter's routing cutter set in a plastic storage case  

Trend router bit starter sets are specially designed to meet the needs of the average hobbyist and new-to-routing user. 


The cutters have tungsten carbide tips for use on softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, plywood, and chipboard

  An example of a bit from a starter set close up  

Router bits in the starter sets have thinner carbide tips and shorter shanks.


They will also be manufactured to a more open tolerance of diameter and cut length.

  A six piece TREND starter routing bit set  

Starter sets are available with 6, 12, 15, 24 or 25 pieces. 


Most router bit sets contain cutters that are suitable for grooving, profiling and moulding. A typical 6 piece set contains two straight cutters of different sizes, one V-groove cutter, two rounding over cutters of different radii, and one guided ogee cutter. 

  Examples of wooden joints created with starter routing bits  

Although not all the cutters may be used as frequently as others, this set will provide valuable experience of the basic range, and in selecting the most suitable cutters for specific applications in the future.

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Doll’s house router bit sets

  A TREND doll's house routing bit set  

Doll's house 12 piece sets are designed to suit doll’s house requirements at 1:12 scale, and for all types of miniature or small scale work. 


They typically contain a combination of straight as well as bead and edge-moulding router bits.

  Diagram showing the different profiles of bits in the TREND doll's house set  

The bead and moulding router bits are specifically designed to carry out the making of miniature mouldings, while the straight cutters can be used for rebating, grooving and slotting these mouldings. They can also be used for the construction of other parts of the dolls house such as the wall and roofing components. Doll's house cutters are also available individually.


Dovetail centre router bit setsbuy routing cutters in sets

  A TREND dovetail routing cutter set  

This set contains a range of seven dovetail cutters of varying angles, as well as two straight cutters from the Trend Professional range.


It is designed for use with the DC400 dovetailing centre, which is a type of dovetail jig. 


Mortise and tenon router bit sets

  A TREND mortise and tenon routing cutter set  

Mortise and tenon cutter sets contain five long reach straight cutters of varying sizes, which are designed for use with the Trend mortise and tenon jig.


These sets are available in metric or imperial sizes.


Panel door router bit sets

  A TREND panel door router bit set  

Panel doors sets are used in frame and panel construction. They consist of one profile scriber easyset and one matching raised panel cutter supplied in a storage case. 

  A TREND profile scriber easyset routing cutter  

Profile scriber Easyset

These cutters are used to cut the groove and moulding (the scribe) on the side edges of all the frame pieces, as well as the mating profile on the ends of the rails. Both these parts can be produced simply by adjusting the height of the cutters. For more information, see: What are the different types of slotting and grooving router cutter?

  A TREND raised panel bit  

Raised panel cutter

The set also contains a horizontal raised panel cutter, which is used to cut away the panel edge so that it fits into the rail and stile grooves, producing a decorative moulding.

  Image showing that the panel cutter and the profile scriber easyset have matching profiles  

The raised panel cutter will have a design that matches the profile block on the profile scriber easyset, so that when the panel is mounted in the frame, the two complement one another, and blend to produce an aesthetically pleasing effect. 

  Ogee and bevel routing bits  

Panel door sets come in ogee or bevel designs and are currently only available in the CraftPro range. 

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