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What are panel moulding

router cutters?

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  Examples of different types of panel moulding router cutter  

Panel moulding cutters are used to create decorative relief moulding on drawer fronts and cabinet doors. They resemble moulding cutters but are primarily used for cutting into the surface of materials, rather than the edges. 

Various panel cutters are found in the Professional TCT range while the CraftPro range contains 16 ogee panel cutters.



  A two-fluted panel moulding router cutter  


Most panel cutters have two flutes and so should produce a reasonably clean finish in materials.

  Image showing that panel moulding router cutters have the bottom cut facility  

Bottom cut

All models have cutting edges that extend across their bottom, allowing them to be used in a plunge router to cut directly into the surface of materials, rather than always having to enter from an edge.

  Image showing an example of the shape that a panel moulding router cutter can create in wood  


Some panel cutters have a shank-mounted bearing guide which follows a template mounted on the surface of the workpiece. 


Other models don't have a pin or bearing guide and so require a separate device such as a side fence or clamp guide. 

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  An example of the decorative moulding that can be cut by a panel moulding router cutter  

Decorative relief moulding

Decorative relief moulding is cut into the surface of the drawer or panel, either to form a border parallel to the edges or as a pattern across the panel face.

  Example of how panels cut by a panel moulding router cutter can appear to stand out from the surface of a piece of wood  

There a number of different varieties of panel moulding cutter, including radius and ogee. 


Due to their intricate profiles, they are capable of producing grooves which appear to stand out from the surface of the material.




Panel router cutters are available in the following Trend ranges:

  The TREND Professional TCT router cutter range    
  The TREND Craft Pro router cutter range    
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