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What are the different Trend router bits ranges?

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Professional router cutters

  High Speed Steel bits for routing  

The Trend Professional range of router cutters is designed to satisfy the most demanding applications of professional woodworkers, builders, and joiners. It includes tungsten carbide tipped (TCT), solid tungsten carbide (STC), and high-speed steel (HSS) cutters.


For more information, see: Professional TCT, SCT, and HSS bits


Trade router cutters

  Routing tools that can be used by tradesmen and other professional woodworkers  

Tungsten carbide tipped Trade router cutters are a specifically chosen range of tools aimed at the particular needs of the tradesperson.


For more information, see: Trade quality tooling for professionals


CraftPro router cutters

  Tungsten Carbide tipped routing bits  

The Trend CraftPro range is specifically suited to the needs of the leisure craftsmen and home improvement enthusiast for performance and value.


For more information, see: Trend CraftPro range


Replaceable tip cutters

  Bits with blades that are replaceable  

Replaceable tip router cutters (also known as Rota-Tip cutters) are comprised of a solid tungsten carbide blade held by retaining screws to a ground steel body. They come in one or two blade models, with the blades having between one and four cutting edges, which can be rotated and locked in identical positions to expose a new sharp cutting edge. 


For more information, see: What are the different types of Trend replaceable tip router cutters?

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