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Different types of Trend router bits

The choice of router bits is huge

Trend produce the best quality routing products and we supply them at the best prices - and because we stock the whole Trend range we have a huge variety of different type of router bit - and the following pages look at some of the many versatile choices. 


The flexibility and adaptability of a woodworking router due to the variety of different bits and accessories that are available. Whether a given woodworker has a fixed- base or a plunge router, they have something that is not effective without the range of router bits to use with it. A whole world of carpentry will be opened up with the right bits, or cutters. There are six that all carpenters should have as soon as they get a router: a straight bit, an ogee bit, a rabbeting bit, a joinery bit, a flush trim bit, and a chamfer bit. With this mix of cutters, any woodworker can complete a range of tasks from  creating permanent joints to cutting grooves for an inlay. Carbide bits are generally recommended over high-speed steel for most woodworking tasks. They cost more initially, but they produce a smoother cut and the blade will stay sharp for longer, they are also much better for harder woods and engineered timbers. 


Trend's Professional, CraftPro, Trade, and other router cutter ranges provide any carpenter, joiner, woodworker, and hobbyist with a whole world or beautiful timber creations, from shaping doll's house mouldings and other parts to creating large pieces of furniture. A range of beautiful and practical items can be created with a single woodworking router and a range of bits.


Please use the Wonkee Donkee guides to see what the different router bits can do so you can easily choose which will be best for your needs.




Ranges of routing bits for woodworking



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