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Bead router cutters

Trend router cutters - Wonkee Donkee Trend

The next pages detail the range of router cutters from Trend that can be used to produce beading. Beading router cutters can be used alone or combined to produce a number of different profiles. 

Beading router cutters are often used for Antiques reproductions or restorations, they can be used when restoring an antique item, or decorating a new one in the style of an earlier period; Rounding over edges, bead cutters are often used to completely round the sharp edge of things such as table tops or the treads of stairs; Framing, like edge moulding cutters, beading router cutters are often used to shape decorative frames for pictures, clocks, mirrors, plaques, and other similar items.

The main types of beading router cutter are staff bead cutters, corner bead cutters, sunk bead cutters, concave bead cutters, decorative bead cutters, and multi bead cutters. 


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