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Edge moulding router cutters

The pages following this look at the edge moulding router cutters produced by Trend.

Edge moulding router cutters should be used when the router is mounted in a router table and not when it's being used as a hand-held router. These large router cutters need to be used where they will be stable. Moulding is a decorative trim.

Edge moulding router cutters are most commonly used to create custom mouldings. These cutters are also used to add decorative profiles to items such as cabinets, tables, frames, and bookcases. A variety of different profiles can be produced by the various types and styles of cutter available from Wonkee Donkee Trend.

Types of edge moulding router cutter include classic edge moulding router cutter, torus edge moulding router cutter, cornice edge moulding router cutter, decorative edge moulding router cutter, multi-mould router cutter and handrail router cutter. For the delicate job of producing moulding for doll's houses, there are specialist doll's house router cutters, including the popular doll's house moulding router cutters, that are able to produce 1:12 scale mouldings for putting the finishing touches to any doll's house.


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