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Trend ogee router cutters

The following pages are detailing ogee router cutters produced by Trend. 

An ogee router bit has curved cutting edges that are designed to produce an S-shaped contour in materials or on the edges of materials. Ogee router cutters are one of the most popular types of traditional decorative moulding cutter. 

Ogee router cutters are regularly used to embellish the surface of materials. Examples include the backs of chairs, cupboard doors, and headboards for beds. Ogee cutters are frequently used on the surface of door or cabinet panels, to give a "raised" panel appearance. The ogee profile is often produced on the edges of cabinets, table tops, mirrors, and frames to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

Most ogee router cutters have two flutes and so should produce a fairly clean finish. Some ogee router cutters have cutting edges that extend across their base, allowing them to be used in a plunge router to cut grooves in the surface of materials.

Types of ogee router cutter include the flat ogee, usually used for creating panelled effects. Other ogee cutters include Classic ogee router cutters, roman ogee router cutters, triple ogee router cutters, wavy mould router cutters, elegant ogee router cutters and quirk router cutters.


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