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Radius router cutters

Trend router cutters. 

The following pages detail the radius router cutters available from Trend - top UK routing products

Radius router cutters are rounded cutters which are used to produce part or half circular profiles in the surface of materials or along the edge - they can be called round nose router cutters. Radius cutters with a guide pin or bearing located beneath the cutting edges are usually referred to as cove cutters and they cannot plunge cut into materials. 

Standard radius cutters, like the two available from the Trend Trade range, are typically used for general purpose radius grooving tasks. A selection can also be found in the CraftPro range under radius and cavetto cutters and the Professional TCT range under radius and coves. They're usually used for fluting tasks or routing out the grooves required for hot rods to be fitted into worktops. Radius cutters with tip-mounted guides are often called cove cutters, although some cove cutters do not have a guide. A cavetto is a curved cut with a quirk (a 90-degree step) at the top and, optionally, the bottom. Radius engraving router cutters are not usually given their own specific category, but, some radius cutters have much thinner diameters than regular radius cutters, which makes them suited to engraving. Radius router cutters with shank-mounted guides are designed to rout radius grooves in the surface or on the edge of materials. They have a ball-bearing guide mounted on the shank which can follow the edge of a template. Water channel and dish cutters have curved sides and a flat bottom, they also have a bearing for following templates or jigs. Drawer pull router cutters are designed to rout different types of drawer pulls.



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