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Raised panel router cutters

The pages following this one will look at raised panel router cutters. Raised panel router cutters are usually used in frame and panel door construction to cut away the panel edge so that it fits into the rail and stile grooves. They're used for producing a decorative bevel, radius, ogee, or ovolo moulding shape, depending on the profile of cutter you select.

Raised panel router cutters are used for shaping the edges of panels so they can fit into the grooves in the rails and stiles of a panel and frame construction and appear to be floating within the frame. 

Horizontal raised panel cutters are the most common type of raised panel router cutter. All but one of the CraftPro panel raisers is a horizontal cutter. These cutters are available with or without bearing guides, and in a number of different profiles including bevel, ogee, radius, and classic. To use them, you position the panel face down on the router table and use either the cutter's bearing guide or the table fence to control the width of the cut. 

There are horizontal raised panel cutters with an additional set of cutters located beneath the first, known as a back cutter. While the first set of cutters rout the face of a panel, this second set cuts a rebate on the back of the panel. 

Other horizontal raised panel router cutters include modern panel raisers, bevel panel raisers, bevel raised panel cutters, ogee panel raisers, ogee raised panel cutters, radius panel raisers, and radius raised panel cutters.

Vertical raised panel cutters are also used to cut away and mould the panel edge. However, to use them, you are required to stand the panel up on its edge and pass it against the cutter, this can make them more difficult to use than horizontal panel cutters. The CraftPro range includes one vertical panel raiser and the Professional TCT range includes four vertical raised panel cutters.

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